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SEO for Superannuation funds

In the world of superannuation funds, being seen online can make a huge difference. It’s all about making your fund the go-to option for future retirees scrolling through Google. 

Creating an SEO strategy that puts your fund’s benefits front and centre is key. Our agency has got results for clients in many competitive industries. We’ll share this experience with you so you can use SEO for superannuation funds to outrank your competitors. 

Why is SEO for Superannuation Funds Important?

SEO is all about ensuring your superannuation fund stands out on Google. When done right, as soon as someone starts looking into their super options, your fund is there at the top of the list. Being higher up in search results translates to more clicks, more user interest and potentially more members.

If your fund’s website is not among the top results, you risk potential members choosing another fund. Standing out is crucial because once individuals choose a super fund, they’re likely to stick with it for the long haul.

Keyword Research

Starting with keyword research means figuring out what terms future members use when searching for relevant superannuation information online. Your goal is for your site to become the ultimate guide on super. This builds your topical authority which can help Google to rank you higher.

You should know what your core services are. Use these services to form the basis of your pillar pages. Pillar pages will be your key pages where you want to show off your service and convert searchers to customers. You’ll then need to create pages on every keyword that is related to your pillar pages. An SEO tool like Ahrefs can help you come up with these keywords. 

For example, if you specialise in “Ethical Investment Options,” you would need to write about everything associated with that including:

  • Guide to Ethical Investing with Your Super
  • Why Ethical Choices Matter for Your Super
  • How to Choose an Ethical Super Fund

You should now have a long list of keywords so it’s time to start planning high-quality content and creating an internal linking strategy.

Internal Linking

Linking pages within your super fund’s website in a strategic way not only helps guide visitors through your marketing funnel but it also makes it easy for search engines to rank your site.

A simple linking structure might look like this:

Homepage > Pillar Page > Articles

Homepage > Ethical Investments > Making Ethical Choices with Your Super

This setup can help you to create an extensive collection of topic clusters. You’ll want to write articles for each pillar page with the following link structure as an example:

  • Each article links back to its pillar page
  • Articles within the same cluster link to at least one other article
  • All pillar pages have a direct link back to the homepage

Avoid writing repetitive anchor text; if your article is about “Sustainable Super Funds,” vary the phrases you use for links to avoid over-optimising. Effective internal linking can help distribute your site’s link equity and build the ranking of your entire site.

Content Strategy

Now that you have everything prepared you’ll want to make sure your team has a strategy. Think about the type of superannuation content you’ll produce, how often you’ll update and where to start your campaign.

Focus your strategy on what services have the best return on investment for your company. These are the pages that you want to rank the most so it makes sense to start with these. 

Plan your content to highlight your expertise. Google is rewarding sites that show expertise from trustworthy sources and you can use your experience to be just that. 

Regularly update your blog with super tips, fund updates and industry news to keep visitors coming back. This also gives you a chance to rank for trending stories which can be easier to rank for and build your brand name. 

When creating a content plan, make sure to incorporate:

  • Structured data
  • Keyword-rich page title and headings
  • Meta descriptions
  • FAQs

Effective SEO is about more than just keywords. It’s about producing content that informs, engages and convinces visitors to consider your super fund for a long term investment in their future.

Local SEO

If you have physical locations, you’ll want to update your Google Business Profile with the latest information and keywords that reflect your fund’s focus. This can help you to in Google Maps which can be an additional avenue of traffic. 

Positive online reviews in your Google Business Profile can also boost your search engine rankings. They also provide social proof which can be great for converting traffic. 

Link Building

Building high-quality backlinks from reputable, finance-related sites signals to search engines that your super fund’s content is authoritative. Being in a YMYL niche, there’s extra pressure on your content so links will go a long way to making your site more trustworthy in the eyes of Google.  

Effective strategies we use for building these links include:

  • Digital PR
  • Guest blogging
  • Creating shareable infographics
  • Collaborations

Aim for a range of backlinks, especially from finance companies and investment-related sources. Off-page SEO improves your overall SEO when done right. But, you should always prioritise quality links. 

Technical SEO

Even if your super fund’s website isn’t large, technical SEO checkups are still important for ensuring optimal performance. Conduct an annual site audit using tools like Screaming Frog and Google’s Page Insights.

The audit should at least cover:

  1. Ensuring fast loading times
  2. Optimising for mobile usability
  3. Securing your site with HTTPS
  4. Crafting concise, keyword-focused URLs
  5. Making your site easy for search engines to crawl
  6. Implementing structured data
  7. Addressing duplicate content appropriately
  8. Maintaining website security
  9. Using hreflang tags if needed

Understanding the Market Dynamics

Superannuation is something everyone thinks about but not everyone knows what’s best to do. For super funds, it’s important to understand what future members are searching for. Are they looking for investment options, fee information, or retirement planning? Knowing this helps you tailor your content and SEO strategy.

It’s also necessary to pinpoint changes in consumer preferences and market shifts, as well as industry innovations. Doing so allows you to make your strategy more targeted and efficient. Merely following SEO practices isn’t enough. You need to have your finger on the pulse and make that evident in the content your company produces. 

SEO Challenges

The struggle for the top spots for superannuations is tough with numerous contenders aiming for the most sought-after keywords. It’s not only about knowing what future members are looking for; it’s about being more strategic than rivals in an extremely populated area.

It’s not just about SEO and marketing strategies, there’s also a need to stay within financial regulations. Every content piece published represents your company so it must be correct. This poses a delicate balance between optimisation and regulation for superannuation SEO.

This ties into being part of the YMYL niche. It puts your financial website under rigorous criteria set by search engines like Google for content that could influence users’ financial health.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO ensures your content isn’t lost like most of the content on the internet. Over 90% of content receives no traffic from Google. By implementing an effective SEO strategy, your superannuation fund gains the opportunity to differentiate itself and attract the audience it seeks.

The advantages of SEO go beyond just being more visible. It’s a cost-efficient marketing strategy that provides sustainable results. This can be a contrast to the spikes in costs of paid advertising. 

For financial groups such as yours, it can position you correctly for the YMYL niche. It allows you to align with Google’s quality requirements by demonstrating your expertise, credibility and reliability. 

How Long Does SEO Take?

Achieving SEO results is a gradual process. The timeframe for improvements can extend from a few months to a year. Established sites can see some quicker results but newer sites will take longer. 

The speed of results depends on:

  • Your starting point
  • Your competition 
  • Your goals

SEO is a long-term commitment. It requires consistent effort in producing valuable content, improving your site’s technical aspects and securing links from reputable sources.

Need Help With Your SEO?

Thinking of partnering with SEO specialists? Our team is not only experienced but also has a decade of success behind us. If you’re looking to improve your superannuation fund SEO, we’re just a message away. 

We’re all about coming up with strategies that are right for you and discussing how we can meet your SEO needs. Our agency focuses solely on SEO so we can do everything with our in-house team. This ensures a smooth process without any account managers in the way. Send us a message to hear about what we’ve done and how we can replicate that success for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I update my SEO strategy?

Your core SEO strategy should stay the same. Keyword research, link building, and page speed all of these things are consistent. To get the best results you should always be keeping up with the latest SEO news and using that to influence your strategy. 

Is SEO more important than social media?

They serve different purposes but work best together. SEO can drive long-term traffic, while social media is great for engagement.

How do I measure SEO success?

Use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console for increases in website traffic, higher search rankings and improved engagement metrics. You should also track pages that are driving revenue. 


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