50 Advanced SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic!

Over the past 10 years of working in SEO in Australia & US markets I always find it is good to document effective strategies and tactics for clients and employees. I have put together a list of 50 quick SEO tips and techniques that you can implement right away to increase your rankings and drive more traffic to your business.Keyword research and usage1. Only... Read More

We Are Hiring - Junior Content & Growth Positions Sydney

Update - November 9th 2016 - Positions have been filled, though we are always looking for more candidates if they are the right fit please contact us. Due to new accounts and growth Prosperity Media is currently hiring two part time positions in our Sydney office. These positions would be suitable for someone who is currently at university and looking to work in Content/SE... Read More

Keyword Research Tools and Tactics You Should Be Using!

In the last week Google has come to the market and said they are shutting down free access to the Google Keyword Planner. What this means is that they are limiting data to users who want to find valuable insights for SEO project. That been said if you are a paid AdWords user Google has noted they will still provide data though how comprehensive this data will be is the question... Read More

15 Highly Actionable eCommerce SEO Tips

15 Highly Actionable eCommerce SEO Tips by Prosperity Media1. Use Schema Markup – Rating Stars & Pricing Mark upAll eCommerce websites should be using schema markup such as product, rating and pricing markup as a bare minimum to increase potential CTR from search. For additional information on schema markup visit - https://schema.org2. Find and fix broken ... Read More

8 Habits to Follow When Aiming For Success

 Your habits can streamline your journey to success - or make the trek rougher than it ever needs to be.What habits, you might ask? Well, here’s eight of them to get you started!Habit 1: Choose Your Actions.You have the capacity to take ownership of your actions. You aren't stuck reacting to the world. You can plan your way forward. Sure, sometimes people... Read More