8 Things I learnt when meeting Gary Vee in Sydney

Last year I was able to catch up with Gary Vaynerchuk when he visited Sydney for 1 day. To say thank you to Gary for his contributions to the marketing and business community. I was able to present Gary with a gift being a Cronulla Sharks vintage jursey. Given Gary is a huge sports fan he was over the moon with the gift.If you do not know Gary Vee you should. He is one ... Read More

20 Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

GA: Google AnalyticsA service offered by Google that offers a detailed breakdown about a website's traffic and traffic sources, while measuring conversions and sales. GA is an extremely useful tool to learn more about your audience and their behaviour on your website.SEO: Search Engine OptimisationRefers to the practices and techniques that increase your webs... Read More

18 Surefire Event Marketing Growth Hacking Tips & Ideas

Last week our team won a competition to help a charity fun run drive 10,000 ticket sales for a local event. Some great ideas were generated. These event sale ideas listed below can be adapted to pretty much any event.1. The idea I came up with was to develop a list of all personal trainers/ gyms/ runners clubs ect in the given area 50km and offer 20% off for a group deal 1... Read More

20 Significant Australian Brands Still Not Using HTTPS Sitewide

Surprisingly, there are still a great significant number of big sites not using HTTPS sitewide. Why? We don’t know the reason, but soon they will face more consequences and potential traffic loss.What are we talking about? HTTPS encrypts information sent between the visitor and the web server. You simply implement an SSL certificate that can cost anything up to $200 for a... Read More

MozCon 2017 Tips from 16 Speakers

Last month Prosperity Media attended MozCon, its the world's premier SEO and Digital Marketing Conference hosted in Seattle USA with top notch speakers all from the US & Europe speaking.We have put together some key tips from speakers at the event.1. Rand Fishkin- Power of content Report is a great report for content marketing stats. - Review overall traffic fo... Read More