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ROI Based on Total Revenue from Organic Search Traffic
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Increase in Organic Clicks vs Previous Year (Initial Goal of 100%)


Growth in organic revenue YTD

When our website experienced a sudden drop in traffic in 2021, we were desperate to find a solution that could reverse the damage. Thankfully, the team from Prosperity Media thoroughly analysed our SEO history, improved website structure, identified the issues that led to the decline, and devised a comprehensive recovery plan tailored to our specific needs.  They also took the time to thoroughly understand our business and our unique needs. Their dedication to achieving tangible results were evident throughout the entire process. I have witnessed a substantial increase in revenue, leads, conversions and our HVAC business has expanded its reach to new markets. Prosperity Media’s expertise, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to excellence have been instrumental in this success.

– Keni Shan, Marketing Manager, Alliance Climate Control

When it comes to maintaining the internal climate of Australian homes, Alliance Climate Control has been heading the industry for over 15 years. Whether it is air conditioning installation, maintenance, or gas heating repairs, they have the solution for you.

With teams of experienced and licenced technicians across Australia, no home needs to lack comfort when Alliance Climate Control is available in your local area.

Heating Up the SERPs

The Problem

  • The GMB profile had been neglected, leading to an exponential YoY decline in all metrics from
    Jan – May 2023
  • GMB profile had low visibility due to a lack of profile optimisation
  • No schema markup for GMB-relevant attributes

The Solution

  • Extensive keyword research and mapping for product and service-related queries
  • Branded product pages to build authority
  • Specialised schema implemented for back-end GMB optimisation
  • Consistent competitor landscape analysis

The Process

It was identified that previous SEO efforts had been siloed from the business and SEO value was not being communicated clearly. This included no leveraging marketing strategy, no any analytic setups, causing a lack of holistic approach or the separation of performance or conversion of SEO and PPC respectively. On top of this, HVAC businesses are noted to be heavily influenced by seasonality, so an SEO strategy needed to be implemented to resolve this issue.

The existing SEO strategy was unrefined, outdated and was quickly having a negative impact on the rankings of key pages such as Air Conditioning Installation, Ducted Heating Installation and Air Conditioning Repairs. Therefore, we went ahead with the following initial analysis to determine how to resolve these issues:

  • Analytics setup revision
  • Technical analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Keyword research based on seasonality and location
  • Targeted content plan

With guidance from the information gathered through this research, our main strategy for improvement of site performance was conducted. 

Setting the Foundations

Once an issues was identified with the internal analytics tracking PPC and SEO conversion as the same channel, we worked together with Alliance Climate Control to come up with the following solution:

  • PPC, GMB and SEO channels were to be tracked as separate channels.
  • PPC traffic would be directed to a separate subdomain (with UTM tags) on the site under so that any traffic or leads generated by PPC could have separate attribution.
  • This subdomain was created as a copy of the organic site but with limited pages and was heavily optimised for conversion.
  • GMB was kept on the same domain but was allocated a UTM tag to segment organic leads in more detail.
  • Historical data was adjusted by the business for data accuracy

This allowed us to track organic revenue growth properly and convey the value of SEO to the business.

Alongside tracking changes, we also implemented schema markup specific to HVAC business and implemented review schema sitewide for rich results.

Keyword Research & Content Optimisation

Notable high-revenue service pages on the website were identified to be underperforming. Thus, measures were taken to improve their functionality and encourage greater conversion from customers.

The service pages’ issues were varied, with the main problems arising from messy backlinks and anchor text distribution, a lack of associated landing pages, and un-optimised SEO content. Thus, these issues were directly addressed with the aid of keyword research, content/tech audits, and the creation of new pillar pages within the website, amongst other strategies.

GMB Optimisation

Alliance had a major lack of optimisation on their GMB, with no service areas other than the home location. Reviews were great but a lack of service and product description meant that visibility was difficult to come by for local search.

Thus, efforts were made to create GMB listings for products and services every time a service page was created or optimised. Specific focus was made to the most profitable online suburbs to make the most of this strategy.

The Results


  • 9530% ROI Based on Total Revenue from Organic Search Traffic

Revenue from Organic Search)

  • 97.64% Increase in Full Conversions YTD (Organic Quotation Bookings)
  • 30.75% and 18.93% growth in organic revenue during key seasons
  • +$1,200,000 growth in organic revenue YTD

Organic Traffic

  • 359% Increase in Organic Clicks vs Previous Year (Initial Goal of 100%)
  • 122% Increase in Impressions vs Previous Year (Initial Goal of 50%)
    • 208% YOY Increase in Clicks For “installation” Queries (Initial Goal of 75%)
    • 879% YOY Increase in Clicks For “heatiing” Queries (Initial Goal of 150%)
    • 152% YOY Increase in Clicks For “air conditioning” Queries (Initial Goal of 100%)
    • 4237% Increase to “repair” Pages (Initial Goal of 50%)

Complete Conversions

Quotation booking saw an increase of 97.64% YoY. From 2540 in 2022 to 5020 in 2023.

Overall Traffic Metrics YoY (GSC)

  • 358.5% increase in Clicks 
  • 121.7% increase in Total Impressions
  • 109.1% increase in Average CTR
  • 28.6% increase in Average Position

Organic Keywords Growth

GSC and GMB Profile Key Results

  • 229.7% increase in Total Views YoY
  • 105.7% increase in Discovery Searches YoY
  • 87.5% increase in Interactions YoY
  • 118.5% increase in Website Clicks YoY
  • 150.8% increase in Calls YoY


Alliance Climate Control has been trusted by Australians for over 15 years to supply reliable and expert air conditioning services. However, their outreach and revenue did not match the expected levels of such a long-running business. This was identified to be due to multiple reasons, all of which were extensively addressed and resolved through the efforts of Prosperity media.

In the end, the client has seen substantial growth from Organic Channels due to the targeted and holistic nature of the campaign. Our campaign saw us smash every single initial goal that had been outlined at the start and, most importantly, it had a significant impact on business growth and revenue.

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