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I can't express enough how much our partnership with Prosperity Media has transformed the ANZ business at ResDiary. When we first engaged their services, our main goal was clear: we wanted to create targeted content that would truly resonate with both new and existing hospitality owners while addressing some critical pain points in the industry. One of our primary challenges was helping businesses increase their revenue by tackling issues like short staffing and that 43% of venues still relied on pen-and-paper diaries. Prosperity Media took this challenge head-on and worked tirelessly to ensure our message reached those who most needed it.

– Rebecca Zeitunian, Regional Head of Growth APAC, ResDiary

2024 APAC Search Awards – Best Content Marketing Campaign

4 x Finalists for APAC Search Awards and Semrush AU Search awards in 2023 & 2024

The problem

ResDiary is a booking management platform used by over 9,000 venues around the world. An industry leader in the UK, the brand was seeking to expand its reach in the ANZ market to further solidify its global presence.

When the brand came to Prosperity Media in 2022, over 95% of its site’s traffic was from branded queries. The site also relied heavily on Google Search paid traffic for its online visibility.

Developing a non-branded presence and reducing reliance on paid traffic can be highly challenging. It requires topical authority to be built from a limited starting point. The right content is essential to increase traffic from non-branded queries.

Prosperity Media’s solution to these issues was to create and implement a comprehensive content plan that would make ResDiary the go-to source for information for restauranteurs; to become the “HubSpot of hospitality”. Ebooks and in-depth statistical analyses were also created every 3 months to further develop ResDiary’s authority.

In addition to becoming the “HubSpot of hospitality”, ResDiary sought to educate readers on the benefits of its digital solution. In a world where 43% of restaurant owners and managers rely on pen and paper diaries, the brand needed to show readers the way of the future.

The major initial goal for the project included boosting blog organic traffic from 104 to 312 clicks/month.

Thanks to the success of this campaign, our team was named the Best Use of Content Marketing at the 2024 APAC Search Awards. It was shortlisted for another category at the APAC Awards, and 2 others at the 2023 Semrush AU Search Awards.

In this content marketing case study, we’ll demonstrate how we achieved remarkable success with one of the top marketing campaigns of 2023.

The strategy that won at the APAC Search Awards

ResDiary’s goal of becoming a leading authority in informational content for hospitality business owners was achieved by focusing on the following 3 pillars:

  1. Target audience research
  2. Comprehensive blog content
  3. Building authority with ebooks and statistical analyses

Target audience research

By creating top-of-funnel content targeting high-ranking members of hospitality staff, ResDiary could not only create highly useful blog content, but direct users down the funnel to ResDiary’s offerings.

To create our ideal personas, we looked at:

  • Their job role and duties.
  • Pain points in restaurants.
  • Their views on technology
  • How they may feel about their business and the industry itself.

Empathy is central to the content we create at Prosperity Media. It was important to create content that caters to readers in all stages of the business life cycle.

Their business might be successful, struggling or brand new. No matter what, our content had to speak to them.

Comprehensive blog content

With a complete understanding of our target audience, we were able to dive into crafting the perfect blog to meet their needs and serve as the ultimate authority in the space.

Extensive keyword research was performed to identify the best targets for content that would resonate with readers and perform in search results. One of the goals of this research was to discover untapped terms, which readers needed to see more information about.

A content plan was then created to highlight the best opportunities and build out ResDiary’s authority. The content strategy consisted of 4 content optimisations and 7 pieces of new content each month.

The content was paired with secondary keywords to ensure topics were covered fully. The search intent of the keywords was carefully considered, and brand tone was consistently adhered to. Each piece of content was also designated a position on the buyer’s journey.

Subsequently, the content was researched, briefed and written by our team of online marketing professionals, ensuring it was as comprehensive and useful as possible. In total, over 50 posts were created for the campaign.

These posts also included rich media such as infographics. This helped to make our content more engaging and allowed content to appear in SERP image packs.

Building authority with ebooks and statistical analysis

As part of this campaign, it was decided to go above and beyond the usual route of blog creation. We also created rich content in the form of ebooks and statistical analyses every quarter.

This content showcased ResDiary’s deep knowledge and authority in key areas relating to hospitality.

The ebooks we created were downloadable and required the reader to enter their email address to receive the book. Landing pages were created with samples of the ebook content, showcasing the value of the content before readers entered their emails.

This helped to build ResDiary’s email list, enhancing its other marketing efforts.

For the creation of in-depth statistical analyses, Prosperity Media collaborated with ResDiary’s PR agency. This included integration in the data brief process, and providing 2-way feedback to ensure the most valuable content was produced.

Ultimately, this aspect of ResDiary’s content marketing strategy yielded many positive results:

  • With insights from ResDiary’s own data, its authority about relevant subjects was made clear.
  • ResDiary’s email list was built out, making it a more effective channel.
  • High-level concepts were presented in a more digestible manner to readers.


We successfully achieved all campaign goals, and were able to bring exceptional growth to ResDiary’s ANZ online presence.

Ranking Goals:

Increase unbranded search term rankings.

Ranking Achievement:

By September 2023, a 451% increase in unbranded search term rankings had been achieved.

ResDiary content appears in 25 featured snippets and 56 image packs. 255 keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

Traffic Goal:

Boosting blog organic search traffic from 104 to 312 clicks/month.

Traffic Achievement:

3,530 monthly organic clicks and 275,000 monthly organic impressions (September 2023). This exceeded traffic targets by 1,074%.

Conversions Goal:

Drive readers who rely on pen and paper diaries to understand the benefits of ResDiary and book demos.

Conversions Achievement:

780 “Book a Demo” conversions from the Blog section of the site.  With a 10% conversion rate, this represents a 100% ROI.

Our SEO expertise matched up with a creative, people-first content marketing campaign. This enabled our marketing team to bring home the Best Use of Content Marketing Award at the 2024 APAC Search Awards.

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