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Award-Winning SEO Copywriting Services

A vital part of an SEO campaign is online content.

At Prosperity, our content philosophy centres on prioritising a profound connection with people over search engine algorithms.

We never churn out keyword-stuffed content with the sole purpose of ranking.

Brand alignment is a key element of our SEO content writing service. We don't choose a keyword target or write a single word until we are aligned with your brand goals, tone and audience.

Our meticulous approach extends to every aspect of our SEO copywriting services, whether it be crafting compelling landing pages or developing informative articles and blogs. We delve deep into the intricacies of search intent, tap into the emotional nuances of your audience, and map out the buyer's funnel. This thorough analysis allows us to tailor content that not only attracts attention but also guides the audience through a seamless journey, ultimately leading to conversions.

We do not simply hire and brief freelance copywriters who have no idea who our clients are. Our SEO content team is Sydney-based and assigned to campaigns, from discovery through to reporting.

Prosperity SEO and Content experts work hand-in-hand to achieve success for your brand.



We use a people-first approach when writing, not algorithm-first.


Monthly writers hub to strategise and upskill all content writers and SEOs.


Content competitions and team share wins to promote success.


Design skill to enhance content with unique imagery.


In-house local writers, not out-sourced.


Our writers are SEO-strategy trained and involved in campaigns.


Content competitions and team share wins to promote success.


Human-written and edited. Using tone and empathy to resonate.


Research focused for accuracy and unique insights.


Continual content testing on websites and multi-channel.

Our Approach to SEO Content Strategy


Discovery & Personal Alignment


To create a people-first content strategy and understand your brand.


  • Discovery call
  • Target audience research
  • Persona strategy
  • Writing style guide
  • Brand positioning



To audit the existing website content, identify gaps and opportunities for optimisation.


  • Full content audit looking at engagement, links, depth, duplications and conversions.
  • Competitor analysis
  • E-E-A-T Analysis

Research & Plan


To analyse how your audience is searching and identify keyword opportunities.


  • Keyword research
  • Competitor keyword gap analysis
  • Existing website keyword alignment
  • Content plan

Content Creation


To deliver SEO-optimised content that engages your target audience.


  • Content SEO brief
  • Service/product page content
  • Information articles
  • Rich media content
  • Editor checks
  • Client revisions



To analyse the campaign success against the brand SEO goals.


  • Monthly reporting using GSC, GA4 and Ahrefs.
  • Key insights on campaign wins and opportunities for improvement.

At Prosperity, our commitment to a people-first approach in SEO content strategy goes beyond mere rankings; it's about building lasting connections that drive meaningful results for your brand.

When it comes to crafting a robust SEO content strategy, Prosperity distinguishes itself through a distinctive people-first approach. Our methodology, deeply rooted in empathy and connection, revolves around five key pillars. We ensure not only high search engine rankings but a profound resonance with your target audience.

Our process is bespoke to you, but we recommend the following steps:

Our SEO Content Services


Discovery and Target Audience Research

A discovery call is a vital part of an SEO strategy and our content marketing team is involved from the very first step. Our SEO copywriters will analyse your target audience, tone and language to create in-depth writing guides and personas for the campaign. This becomes the basis of our SEO keyword research strategy.

Content Audit

Quality content is our goal for your full website. Our team will do a full audit of your current site, an EEAT analysis and look for opportunities for search engine optimisation. The audit will form the basis of our SEO content production plan.

Keyword Research

Leveraging our target audience research and comprehensive brand discovery insights, our team specialises in conducting thorough keyword research. Employing a variety of advanced tools, we ensure an extensive comprehension of your industry landscape and persona's buyers journey.

SEO Content Briefing

Our SEO content brief is an in-depth analysis of the goals, emotion, tone and search intent. We outline the content headings and the topics required to fully satisfy the reader's search intent and provide title tags and meta descriptions. We offer the option of briefs tailored for your in-house content writers or a fully written brief and content piece.

Content Interviews

Showing expertise and experience is necessary for great SEO writing. We understand that your industry experts may not have the time to write online content. Our dedicated team can conduct content interviews to extract the knowledge and expertise unique to your brand. We can take your expert knowledge and formulate excellent SEO friendly copywriting.

Content Optimisation

Our SEO copywriters can take your written content and optimise it for search engines. Our content optimisation goes beyond basic keyword placement, we ensure quality content to connect and resonate with a reader. We have a 70+ optimisation checklist to ensure your content is optimised for search engines and can reach your target audience.

Landing Pages

Our team takes a comprehensive approach to service or product pages, starting with thorough competitor analysis. We then leverage this insight to craft compelling on-page content and recommend design strategies that not only capture attention but also maximise conversion rates.

SEO Blog Posts

We want to ensure your customers understand your industry and trust your expertise. We craft informational articles, how to guides, listicles and more to ensure your brand can reach potential customers in the search results. We structure our SEO content with meticulous internal linking strategies to help both search engines and readers navigate your site.

Statistical Assets

We understand that your products are not only sold on your website. With our Digital Shelf SEO Product, we can optimise your product listings on third-party sites such as Amazon, Google and retailer websites. SEO copywriting for digital shelf can increase visibility and encourage sales.

Content Design

Unique Infographics: Using your brand kit, we design unique infographics to increase on-page engagement, increasing visibility in search engines and boost CTR.

Lead Magnets: We produce ebooks, checklists and tools to provide value to your customer base and rank higher. This allows websites to collate emails for their marketing campaigns.

Digital Shelf Copywriting

We understand that your products are not only sold on your website. With our Digital Shelf SEO Product, we can optimise your product listings on third-party sites such as Amazon, Google and retailer websites. SEO copywriting for digital shelf can increase visibility and encourage sales.

GBP Content Optimisation

Our SEO copywriting services can optimise your Google Business Profile to rank higher in the local map pack. With keyword research, our SEO copy can enhance your location listings, highlight your products and services and encourage potential customers to click into your website.

SEO Content Strategy Personalised to YOU

Our SEO content products are bespoke to your unique requirements. Whether you have an in-house writing team or need to fully out-source your digital marketing efforts, we can tailor our service to you.
Your SEO content can be leveraged for your in-house content plan for email marketing, social media posts and press releases.

Some options may include:


If you already have a team of in-house writers and want to utilise our SEO copywriting expertise:

Prosperity Keyword Research

Prosperity SEO Brief

Client In-House Content Production

Prosperity Content Edits


Writing Progress Diagram


If you have the knowledge and expertise in-house but no time to write compelling SEO content:

Prosperity Keyword Research

Client Interview

Client In-House Content Production

Prosperity Content Edits


Writing Progress Diagram


Our SEO content team will conduct in-depth research and write all your copy. All you have to do is proof read:

Prosperity Keyword Research

Prosperity SEO Brief

Prosperity Content Production

Client Content Edits


Writing Progress Diagram

SEO Content Case Studies

Don't take our "SEO-optimised" word for it, take a look at our award-winning content marketing campaigns!

51 pieces of online coverage

102 pieces of online coverage

+19,500 Increase in Organic Traffic

+900% Return on SEO Investment

+9530% ROI Based on Total Revenue from Organic Search Traffic

+100% Return on SEO Investment

271% Growth in organic traffic for Open Agent.

356% Growth in organic traffic over a 3 year period.

268% Increase in Organic Traffic

255% Growth in organic traffic.

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Amii Freeman

Amii is Prosperity’s Content Manager, ensuring our content strategies are innovative and resonate with people over algorithms.

She manages our writer's hub, writer to writer feedback process and has worked on several award-winning campaigns.