Prosperity Media is a well known SEO Agency which builds relevant, high-quality links for your website.

We ensure the quality of all the links we build and are 100% transparent with our delivery process and will send you a full report containing all the links when the work is completed

. Links are a major ranking factor so if you have not invested in them up to now or have been scared off you should reconsider, as they make up a large portion of your organic search strategy.

Our link building is 100% ethical, we do not use any form of PBN (Private Blog Network) type links & avoid any practices which are deemed to be grey hat or black hat. These will be natural links as this is what Google wants & it demands based on its policies.

Many other SEO companies may offer similar services however you must be careful of which agencies you engage with & be sure to get example links they have built as this is the quality to expect when it comes to your link building campaign. CHANGE TO Many other SEO companies may offer similar services, however, you must be wary of which agencies you choose to engage with and be sure to get examples of links they have built in the past as this is the quality you can expect from your link building campaign.


We combine Content Marketing where we produce high-quality content for your niche with a mixture of promotional methods based on your site & outreach to relevant interested webmasters to attain these links.

Australian Link Acquisition

We build quality backlinks from & based websites & .com websites which are hosted in Australia. This is required if you have a local website targeting an Aussie demographic or are after local citations from Australian based websites.

We also go after sites with, & domain name extensions, however, these do command a premium & are quite tough to get depending on your niche. These links do require more effort but search engines do love them, particularly when the link is relevant.

Local Link Building Services

We build localised links from websites or directories within your city, this is to ensure that Google recognises your sites as being localised for that city. This is particularly important if your website does not have a localised domain name (for e.g. a or extension), is not hosted in the city of your desired visitors (e.g. Sydney or Melbourne) or does not have geolocation schema on the pages (e.g. having the exact latitude & longitude of the business location).

Ultimately you want to have all three factors already on the website of a local domain name, local hosting & localised schema to go along with link acquisition as this then becomes a very powerful local organic search strategy which can help you dominate the SERPs for local businesses or businesses operating in multiple localised locations.

Building Links for Fashion Websites

Building links in the fashion industry can be difficult because the individuals in this industry are particularly savvy and understand the value of links. Knowing the worth of these links has led many sites to charge a premium which can stops traditional link building from being profitable. A better approach is to create quality content assets that will naturally attract links. With this approach you will have built a strong foundation for your business and boosted your reputation before any outreach is attempted. 

Improving Aged Care Backlink Profiles

Aged care can be a challenging niche to build backlinks in because there are not very many websites in the space to leverage, however, at Prosperity Media we have a proven track record of using our unique approach to gain highly authoritative links in the space.

Financial Link Building

We pride ourselves in being one of the best financial link building agencies in Australia, if not the world. We have strategies which will accelerate your current link profile growth and ensure that your landing pages, calculators and content pieces are highly relevant relating to your target audience. These content assets can be leveraged to get new links. 

It’s important to add value if you are ever going to have any success in getting links from financial websites. Think of it as link earning rather than link building. The goal is to create an authoritative piece of content which others cannot help but link to.

We feel that you must add value if you are to ever get any success in getting links from financial based websites. Think of it as link earning rather than link building as that is essentially what link building is, the process of creating an authoritative piece of content which others cannot help but link to.

Link Audits

We can do a complete backlink audit on any links that have been built on your site to ensure that the majority of links are white hat & are not negatively impacting your SEO.

If we find that there are many links are are coming from low DA or DR websites, or come from spam based websites then we could offer to disavow these links so any negative impact they may be having can be rectified from Google's search index.

How to Assess the Quality of Your Backlinks

When we complete an analysis of your external backlink profile, we will conclude which are good links which pass authority and trust & vice-versa complete a list of websites which are putting your website at risk of a penalty just by association.

Does your website Need Link Acquisition?

Here at Prosperity Media, we analyse the content and keywords which you are attempting to rank for & can make an educated prediction on how important links are for your niche. This does vary heavily between niches & also the length of the keyword (e,g, short tail, medium tail or long tail keywords).

How To Determine How Many Links You Need To Rank?

This is done by analysing the current competitors in your niche and working out how many links are needed to rank or to simply get the needle moving. There is no point building five links a month if all of your competitors in the top ten are building fifty. Conversely, if your organic competitors are ranking with only five links a month then it would be risky and redundant to build one hundred links. The goal is to find the optimal amount of links required to rank.

Do you factor in Link Velocity

Yes, we make sure that we build a steady stream of links rather than just dumping a bunch of links onto your websites.

What is our anchor text distribution

We ensure that there are as few commercial anchor texts being built as possible as these anchors will increase the potential for a link based penalty, however, there are instances where the specific anchor text is out of our control. This will often occur in natural or white hat link building when links have to be built or approved by a webmaster.

What are the metrics you Track for Backlinks

We traffic multiple metrics for our backlink acquisition but the most important factors are the DR (Domain Rank) which is pulled from Ahrefs & organic traffic (which is pulled from SEMRush) with a minimum threshold depending on the niche which ensures that the websites we get backlinks from actually get traffic, just think about it... why would you want to be building links from websites which don't get any organic traffic to begin with? Its why we pride ourselves on getting links others look at & simply say "it's too hard to get", This is what makes our link building service offering unique to other agencies in Australia.​​​

Do Links Help With SEO

Links can account to as much as 40-50% of SEO, sometimes even higher if you factor in very competitive niches (think insurance). There are certain websites which will not benefit from link acquisition and we turn these clients away as they are not normally the right fit for our company, however, if we feel your website could benefit from authority link acquisition, then we can go ahead with creating a campaign which may include content assets, keyword research, niche research & an outreach strategy session to best discover which will be our ideal targets for backlink acquisition.

Do we offer link building packages?

We offer link building packages based on both projects but for certain clients, we may even offer a pay per link price as this can ensure full transparency, that way you cannot get burnt as the client & can ensure you will get what you have requested.

Why you should engage an SEO Agency for Link Building Help

There are many reasons you may choose to engage an agency for link building assistance. Either you may not have the capacity in-house, you may have found it difficult to find links in your niche, you may have discovered it’s too expensive to build links or perhaps you just need to add extra firepower to your current link acquisition campaign.

If you need help with link building get in contact with Prosperity Media today.