1. Australian Education Site Organic Visibility Growth

In early 2014 Prosperity Media were contacted to assist a education provider with growing their organic visibility using high quality SEO & Content Marketing.
The site had previously been neglected by a prior agency who had implemented low quality strategies which were yielding no results for the client.
Prosperity Media set out with developing a high growth SEO and Content plan for 2014/2015 with a high emphasis on growth of the web property.

Result – In 20 months the client saw a significant uplift in Organic Visibility, Traffic and Revenue to the business.
Prosperity Media were able to lift the client’s organic visibility from around 5 k per month to well over 100 k per month in the Australian market.

Prosperity Media Education site

2. Trade-focused website Organic Visibility Growth

In mid 2014 a trade focused market place client contacted Prosperity Media to assist with high quality content development, on site technical SEO and link acquisition at a reduced budget level.

Result – In  18 months working with the client prosperity media were able to significantly increase organic visibility, organic traffic and revenue for the business.

Prosperity Media Education site

3.  Large Scale Australia Travel Site Organic Visibility Growth

Since 2013 Prosperity Media has been working with a well known Australian travel brand. The brand had previously engaged in average SEO and Content Marketing work which yielded low results. For such a large web property Prosperity Media has to engage a in-depth technical audit, content audit and long term SEO plan for the business.

Result – in the 2 and a half years Prosperity Media has been working with the travel brand we have been able to increase their organic visibility on a monthly basis from 500 k per month to over 1 million per month. This has resulted in a significant revenue and traffic increase for the business.

Prosperity Media Travel Site
4. Real Estate Portal targeted by Google Manual Penalty

A large real estate client contacted Prosperity because they had been targeted by a manual penalty as a direct result of prior work on the site. Prosperity Media has to remove all the low quality links via manual outreach and a targeted disavow. Prosperity also worked with the client to develop a high quality link acquisition campaign and a high quality content campaign.

Result – The business grew significantly after the low quality links were removed and high quality on-going SEO was implemented on the site resulting in growth from 20k visibility to over 250k visibility per month. The campaign went so well the business was actually acquired in 2015 for a significant amount.

Prosperity Media Travel Site

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