Case Study – CPAP Direct Growth Study



Return on SEO Investment


Increase in Conversions (YoY)


Increase in Clicks (17,929 YoY)

Prosperity Media has been a game-changer for our online presence. Their SEO expertise and valuable assistance in producing engaging content, has delivered significant organic growth and improved search visibility for our website. The team's knowledge and responsiveness set them apart, and their genuine commitment to our success is second to none. They've not only boosted our traffic and rankings but also helped us to enhance our customer's experience and satisfaction online. We're proud to partner with Prosperity Media and highly recommend them to anyone seeking exceptional SEO services.

– Lauren Volz, CPAP Direct Customer Support & Digital Channel Manager

CPAP Direct

Leading the Australian CPAP therapy industry when it comes to product and accessory supply, CPAP Direct is committed to helping Australians sleep better at night.

Whether you are looking for advice on sleep apnea and its treatment, or need a replacement for your CPAP mask, the team at CPAP Direct is always ready to help.

From Snoring to Soaring Profits

The Problem:

  • Pages were unoptimised – including many important product and collection pages.
  • No content strategy was in place targeting customers in the awareness stage of their buyers’ journey.

The Solution:

  • Mapping out keyword targets for each collection and product page
  • Optimising revenue-generating pages to help improve their search visibility
  • Creating high-quality content assets targeting their audience
  • Monitoring progress and tracking performance throughout the campaign

The Process:

The initial steps for rejuvenating CPAP Direct’s website began with a content audit and gap analysis. We audited the website to uncover unique opportunities and valuable information gaps for our target audience, noticing the collection pages were overlooked. Our goal was to connect with our audience, addressing their issues and positioning CPAP as empathetic experts who can help solve their sleep problems.

After this, keyword research was performed to determine appropriate keyword targets for priority collection pages. Using this information, new meta titles, meta descriptions, and H1s could then be suggested, creating new and optimised collection pages. Each page involved identifying and creating informational

content around relevant queries. They were also written with a persona in mind to ensure that we write for the end reader and how they are feeling, rather than just writing for the search engines.

Additional support to the site was provided through link acquisition. We acquired backlinks to key collection pages, product pages, and the homepage by

approaching businesses in relevant niches and providing them with supportive content. This further adds to CPAP as the industry’s authority in both the reader’s and search engines’ eyes.

The Results:

  • From Q2 2022 to Q2 2023, revenue saw an increase from $120,068.37 to $199,264.21
  • Conversions from organic traffic grew from 868 to 1,297
  • Over a 900% return on SEO investment
  • 26.8% increase in sessions YoY
  • 35.1% increase in total users YoY
  • 49.4% increase in conversions YoY
  • 66% increase in total revenue YoY
  • 74% increase in clicks (17,929 YoY)
  • 33% increase in impressions (1,053,120 YoY)
  • 31% increase in site CTR (1.70% YoY)
  • 67% increase in average position (19.89 YoY)


CPAP Direct has always maintained a strong and diverse range of sleep-related products, providing solutions to many individual’s sleep issues. However, their extensive catalogue went mostly unnoticed due to the lack of SEO optimisation and content intended to raise awareness of the brand in the industry.

That is why our approach at Prosperity Media was to improve their presence in the SERPs, optimising existing content while also creating an awareness pipeline for new customers through blog posts. The success CPAP Direct experiences as a result of our efforts indicates that, with thoughtful preparation and customer-aligned SEO strategies, significant results can be achieved.

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