10 Highly Effective Growth Hacking Tips


10 Highly Effective Growth Hacking Tips

James Norquay

James Norquay

31 Aug 2023

Recently we have been to a few Growth Hacking events around Sydney, Prosperity Media has even hosted a growth hacking night. As I have been in online marketing/ SEO for over 8 years most of the growth hacking tips do factor into lead gen, SEO, digital, content, CRO ect so the main aim is to drive more traffic to your startup or online business.

I decided to write a quick post to show some decent tips from these events, which you can adapt to your online business or start up today.

1. If you only use Facebook login for your app have clear massaging to show you will never share anything on Facebook.


– This is actually a common mistake you see many APP’s are making, it can be a easy way to turn away users. Implementing simple tactics on landing pages can be a great way to drive in business.

2. Growth Hackers should be using tools like KISS Metrics & Lead Pages to increase conversion and drive more sales.

Kiss Metrics has some great tools which Growth Hackers can work with to take their startup to the next level.
Lead Pages are a fantastic option when developing landing pages.

3. High Quality testimonials for products and sites you use works well for link building.


– The example above shows a popular Backlink analysis tool Ahrefs and how they have testimonials on branded sites linking to sites, it is an easy tactics for branding and growth.

– Do not be afraid to ask products you use if you can leave a testimonial for your own business. Some times it can lead to a homepage listing of your name + business.

4. Participate on someone else’s audience or compliment on influencers credibility by referencing and mentioning them to acquire traffic.


– The example above shows how some one has written a blog post about a influencer, and they have messaged them on twitter. In turn they have re-tweeted the blog post, this is a good growth hack to gain more social traffic.

– Commenting on other sites blogs and work out ways you can win in on traffic from key social media users. For example write a post about Gary Vee and then tweet Garry to say that you have mentioned him in the article the chance you will get a re-tweet is high.

5. Influencer outreach and EGO Bait developnment, write posts that people will want to share. Use tools like BuzzSumo.com to develop these lists of Influencers

– Growing traffic by reaching out the influencers in a specific market can be very effective when growing website traffic.

6. Growth hacking reading & resources/blogs to grow your traffic right now!

Quicksprout Blog
Kissmetrics Blog
Unbounce Blog
Okdork Blog

7. Picture’s of women work better than using men. Where the person is looking at bringing attention to the CTA (Call To Action) on a landing page design.

Bonus Tip: Using female team members for email outreach campaigns has also proven to be more effective for site owners, some interesting research can be seen here on this topic – http://moz.com/blog/putting-guest-post-outreach-theories-to-the-test-with-some-real-world-data

8. Pictures of similar people your target audience will increase your customers ability to relate to your brand.


– A great example is the landing page in which Elance uses, they use someone who actually looks like a developer on the landing page.

9. 96% of visitors do not buy on their first visit. So use re-targeting to to keep your website on top of mind at all time.


– An important statistic from Growth Hacking is to use re targeting on your website, some basic steps to run re targeting on the GDN (Google Display Network) can be found here – http://www.firepolemarketing.com/retargeting-in-google-adwords/

10. SEO still works 100% for growth hacking and link building is still highly important to any successful campaign we worked on recently –

– Information on growing SEO traffic found here in this case study –

Special Mention to Ryan for the images used in this post – https://twitter.com/RyanWardell87

If you need any help with Growth Hacking strategies or SEO, do not hesitate to contact Prosperity Media today.

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.