8 SEO & Growth Marketing Podcasts


8 SEO & Growth Marketing Podcasts

James Norquay

James Norquay

15 Aug 2023

There’s a huge amount of SEO and marketing information out there. Experts, bloggers and agencies alike are posting tips, guides and tactics in the hope of showing off their skills and attracting an audience. There’s so much information that shifting through the mediocre and boring content to find the interesting and useful content can become quite a challenge. In 2015 there was 60,000 active podcasts on iTunes, with over 5000 of those coming under the ‘Marketing’ category. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to ensure you’re not missing out on the best content. We’ve made it easy for you and gathered our top 8 SEO & Growth Marketing Podcasts:

  1. Experts On The Wire (SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media) – By Dan Shure

Experts On The Wire is a weekly podcast hosted by Dan Shure. Each episode features top guests from the industry who share their expertise and experience. Half of the episodes focus specifically on SEO, while the other half explore topics surrounding content marketing, social media, PR and analytics, for example. If you’re looking to find new tools, tactics and inspiration, you are sure to enjoy Experts On The Wire.

  1. Marketing Speak | Take Your Marketing To The Next Level – By Stephan Spencer

This podcast brings together marketing professionals and thought leaders to discuss important and relevant issues in the world of marketing. Stephan Spencer is an industry leader himself, founding Netconcepts and writing several SEO related books. If you’re looking for insights from the top players in the digital marketing world, this show is for you.

  1. Proven online business opportunities – By Glen Allsopp/ViperChill

 Glen has been in the online marketing space since he created his first website at the age of 16. Glen uses his wealth of experience to study successful start-ups in order to find gaps in the market to help listeners build their own online start-up. This podcast helps you stay up-to-date and ahead of the SEO and digital marketing curve. Listening to this show will help you find a gap in the market which relates to your personal experience so you can grow your own start-up. 

  1. Search Talk Live Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast – By Search Talk Live

Search Talk Live are search engine marketing & optimisation experts with over 15 years of experience. The episodes include interviews with big names in the marketing world and ‘how-to’ episodes. Guests share insightful and real, actionable strategies which you can apply directly to your own work.

  1. Detailed Content Marketing – By Glen Allsopp

 This is Glen’s second podcast on our list which proves just how great he is to listen to and how valuable his content is. These episodes are great as most of them are shorter then 10 minutes, a lot shorter than the others we have featured so far. Each episode delves deeply into a case study, exploring how to drive more traffic, links and shares through real world examples.

  1. Digital Marketing Radio: online marketing interviews with internet business experts – By David Bain

This 30 minute podcast is great for keeping up to date in the digital marketing world. Each episode, David Bain interviews a niche online marketing expert on their specialist subject and then moves into fixed sections such as “software I couldn’t live without”, “best advice I’ve ever received” and “this or that”. It provides great information in a fun and easy to digest format.

  1. Growth Everywhere | Entrepreneurial Stories | Business Lessons – By Eric Siu

This podcast follows the popular format of a weekly interview with entrepreneurs and head marketers. Eric is an expert himself, consulting for various Fortune 500 companies and running his own agency. The episodes are full of actionable insights and mistakes to avoid. 

  1. The Growth Hacking Podcast – By Laura Moreno

This podcast focuses on interviews with inspiration and actionable advice on how to grow your start-up. It’s useful for anyone from founders to marketing experts and investors. Each episode explores a growth hacking strategy that was used successfully by the interviewee and then ends with a ‘lightning round’ where secrets for lean growth and success are shared.

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.