Google Tweaks the Algorithm – Panda 4.0 Australian Analysis Project


Google Tweaks the Algorithm – Panda 4.0 Australian Analysis Project

James Norquay

James Norquay

23 May 2014

Here at Prosperity Media we have been monitoring the SERP visibility for several sites in the Australian and Asia pacific markets.

Now over the last 10 days many Australian SEO’s have been posting about rankings movements in various markets, we have noticed some movements for some clients in specific markets so we will report on some initial findings.

Matt Cutts has confirmed that they have rolled out Panda 4.0 and also several other tweaks to the Google Algorithm in the last week.

Now we have one client who was affected by the following areas –

1. Prior Panda Release – Low quality/ thin content from prior agency X.
2. Algorithmic Penalty on the domain – Links based from prior agency X.
3. Manual Penalty on the domain – Link based from prior agency X.

After completing numerous clean up projects across the domain over the last 9 months, we have noted some positive movements in the past few days as a result of recent Algorithm Tweaks, these movements have been favorable for one large web property we deal with.

These clean up projects did not only exist on the link profile, they also existed with the low quality on site content and over optimization efforts from the prior agency X, which resulted in countless hours of work to fix the issues caused.

Now we can match up the algorithm flux with Algoroo a SERP monitoring tool for the AU market, we also monitor around 5,000 keywords for this client to test fluctuations on a wide scale for different segments of the website. We then matched the movements and aligned the dates with the recent changes (please refer to the top level analysis image below)


Overall the recent updates seem to be of a positive nature for this client, it shows the hard work and clean up efforts are working yet we will continue the analysis in the coming days and weeks to look for any other signs of change.

If any one else in the Australian market has noticed some changes in the last week please comment below.

James Norquay

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.