The Best Enterprise SEO Tools and Software Platforms in 2022


Enterprise SEO Tools In Short

When it comes to enterprise SEO, taking the right approach (and using the right tools for the job) is a crucial part of success. While a usual SEO strategy will allow for focus on individual pages and problems, enterprise SEO is a different game entirely. It requires a more strategic and thoughtful approach that allows for efficient analysis and implementation, on a large scale.

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    The right tools are critical in considering things like:

    • Identifying SEO problems on a large scale often means looking at SEO projects from a more conceptual standpoint, focusing broadly on informational gaps, identifying common factors within problems, picking up on site-wide technical SEO opportunities, and being able to identify (and pick apart) winning competitor SEO strategies.
    • Knowing where to begin when it comes to enterprise SEO, and how to tackle SEO problems on an enterprise-scale in a cost and resource-efficient manner.
    • Efficiently managing global SEO uncovering macro and micro issues and opportunities across regions, countries, and languages can be invaluable to the global operations of an enterprise-scale site.
    • Truly understanding the health of an enterprise site from a technical perspective. Often, enterprise SEO will involve working with legacy CMS platforms, and on sites that utilize outdated plugins and features.
    • Understanding how the website sits from an off-page SEO perspective. Huge insights can be gained into the performance of an enterprise-scale site, whether this is achieved by looking at broader backlink profiles, historical backlinks, anchor text distribution, or otherwise.

    With this in mind, we have asked prominent industry experts(e.g. Matthew Howells Barby, Aleyda Solis, YM Ousley, Glen Allsopp, and also some of the team at Prosperity Media our agency that specializes in Enterprise SEO for clients).

    The aim of this post is to show what they think are the best enterprise SEO platforms out there - based on their expertise, this article will cover the following:

    • Comprehensive Enterprise SEO Solutions
    • Technical SEO Enterprise Tools
    • Enterprise SEO Software for Content Creation
    • Enterprise SEO Platforms for Rank Tracking
    • Measuring Share of Voice
    • Enterprise SEO Reporting Tools
    • Local SEO Analysis, Tracking and Optimisation

    Or, if you prefer a sneak peek at our top recommendations within each category:

    • All-in-one enterprise SEO platform: Ahrefs
    • Technical SEO Enterprise Tools: Screaming Frog
    • Content creation: Surfer
    • Rank tracking: AccuRanker
    • Local SEO: Local Viking
    • Share of Voice: STAT Search Analytics
    • Enterprise SEO Reporting Tool: Google Data Studio

    Comprehensive Enterprise SEO Platforms

    Before going into how individual enterprise SEO platforms excel within their given areas of focus, we have compiled a list of the most comprehensive options out there. These are the essential tools that cover all your SEO needs - from rank tracking and competitor backlink research, to content audits and gap analysis.


    Recommended By: Glenn Allsopp, Tom De Spiegelaere

    Ahrefs is an industry leader when it comes to SEO platforms - often referred to as the ultimate 'all-in-one tool, it will do almost anything you throw at it, with some of the most accurate results and data on the market.

    Given the scale and flexibility of the platform, it works across the enterprise and small business SEO projects alike and has functionality across multiple search engines.

    Just recently, Ahrefs have released their latest tool - Ahrefs Enterprise.
    While we could go on and on about Ahrefs, we decided to ask renowned SEO expert Glen Allsopp (Founder of about his favorite enterprise SEO platform - here is what he had to say.

    Ahrefs is my favourite SEO tool, and I imagine it's going to be mentioned a few times here. To put a different spin on what is an incredible offering though, is how easy we are able to get great data from their API as well, which some people may overlook. It isn't cheap (starting at $500/m) but if you're working for a huge brand (or many sites) and really want to dive into your niche in some cool ways, it can give you some next level options outside of their usual user interface. We primarily use it for backlink research at scale - e.g. seeing how well the top performing pages are doing link-wise in a new vertical across thousands of keywords - but if you go through their documentation and see what's available, you might get a few unique ideas of your own."

    Clearly, Ahrefs is a great enterprise SEO platform - from its API, to backlink research at scale and more.

    Tom De Spiegelaere (co-founder of Search District) seems to agree (for the most part):

    "Ahrefs all day long for competitor research, keyword research, backlink analysis, content gap analysis,... it's just so versatile. No tool comes close to what they offer IMHO. That being said, there are a few features that are either missing or could be improved on. To track our rankings, we use AccuRanker (for going deep) and SERPROBOT (for quick rank checks on mobile, it's basic but works). And while the Ahrefs audit is very good, Sitebulb goes deeper and can uncover the final 5% of issues that Ahrefs might not pick up on. And finally, Keyword Cupid does a fantastic job at clustering groups of keywords based on SERP overlap and other algorithmic magic I don't fully understand (but don't have to as it just works :)"

    So, there you go - while it isn't perfect, Ahrefs is one of the most comprehensive and versatile SEO tools out there - depending on your needs, it might not cover all bases, but it provides a great foundation for any SEO project.

    View the Ahrefs website here.

    Layer 2

    Recommended By: YM Ousley, Aleyda Solis, Robbie Richards, Matthew Howells Barby

    Botify is an SEO tool that has been consistently quoted as one of the most reliable and insightful tools around - in fact, out of everyone we asked, Botify was the most mentioned tool of all.

    This is a tool that provides fantastic insight into Google's crawling habits, offers great reporting, and ultimately will find and present any technical SEO problem under the sun.

    This is what YM Ousley had to say about the tool:


    YM Ousley

    Senior Technical SEO Manager

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    Botify offers some overlapping options, but really excels at making log data insightful. Unfortunately I’ve rarely been at an enterprise company where SEOs were granted full access to log files. Combined with CDNs, bot detection services, varying retention policies for crawl data, and general IT wariness when it comes to sharing files it can often be difficult to get access for yourself, let alone a third party. If you can break down those barriers, Botify offers a very clean interface for understanding how Google sees a site in a way that’s hard to match with any manual review process.

    You can check out the Botify website here


    Recommended By: Matthew Howells Barby, Robbie Richards

    Next on the list is Semrush - if there is one tool that can rival Ahrefs when it comes to being the #1 SEO tool, most would say that it is Semrush.
    Before we get into some of the specifics, here is what Matthew Howells Barby (Vice President Marketing - Hubspot) said about Semrush being one of his favourite enterprise SEO platforms:

    “While it’s not necessarily a purely enterprise SEO tool, I love Semrush for running competitive intelligence at scale. Great product that seems to be getting better and better every week. Alongside that, Botify has been a a consistently reliable platform that we’ve used at HubSpot over the years that’s integrated into a bunch of the custom systems we run.”

    Semrush is effective as both an SEO and a SEM tool - in many ways, it offers unrivalled insight - especially when it comes to considering data across organic and paid channels, from Google Search to social media platforms.
    Insight aside, Semrush takes SEM to the next level with features like social media scheduling and posting, and even a built-in SEO content writing tool.
    Here is what SEO expert Robbie Richards had to say when we asked him about his go-to enterprise SEO platform:

    "While there are several dedicated enterprise SEO platforms on the market, I have always used Semrush. The platform provides the core functionality I need to perform technical audits, competitor and keyword research across larger enterprise websites. The Site Audit tool can crawl up to 1M pages on the more Advanced Plan, and the Traffic Analytics tool allows me to dissect a competitor's entire traffic strategy, from a channel level all the way down to the individual URL and keyword level. This level of insight allows me to quickly identify existing site optimization opportunities, and plan a roadmap for new organic growth opportunities"

    Ultimately, Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools available, and for good reason.

    It might not be the best when it comes to a given function or tool. But, if you want a cost effective, all-in-one digital marketing tool that does everything from SEO and SEM to social media analysis and scheduling, there is no doubt that Semrush is worth trying.

    View the Semrush website here.


    Recommended By: Robbie Richards, James Norquay

    Next on our list is BrightEdge. This is a tool that will provide you with the capability to audit hundreds of millions of pages - and when it comes to enterprise SEO software, this might be a necessity.
    In addition to his thoughts on Semrush, Robbie Richards had some things to say about BrightEdge and other tools for enterprise SEO campaigns:

    A particular advantage of BrightEdge is evident when it comes to Share of Voice - while you can use a number of tools to calculate it, BrightEdge Share of Voice metrics are calculated using a proprietary algorithm - it factors in factors such as ranking and number of keywords ranked, and more.

    Share of Voice is a game changer when it comes to identifying who you are truly competing with, and segmenting your competitors based on product categories, services, brands and locations.


    Share of Voice is a game-changer when it comes to identifying who you are truly competing with, and segmenting your competitors based on product categories, services, brands and locations.
    BrightEdge is also unmatched when it comes to implementation - through taking advantage of powerful workflows with real-time performance tracking, you are able to efficiently and effectively translate competitive intelligence into action.

    Ultimately, while Ahrefs and Semrush are undeniably powerful thanks to their flexibility in working for websites of any size, BrightEdge is truly built for SEO on an enterprise scale.

    You can check out BrightEdge here.

    Other Great Options

    While the above three options are some of the best out there, check out the following comprehensive SEO tools for more options.

    • seoClarity
    • Technical SEO Enterprise Tools
    • Enterprise SEO Software for Content Creation

    Enterprise SEO Tools for Technical SEO Analysis

    Technical auditing plays a significant role within enterprise SEO - and there are plenty of technical analysis tools out there.

    Before we get into some of the top options, here is what Nick Eubanks (From the Future Founder + Chief Strategy Officer) had to say on the importance of technical analysis within enterprise SEO:

    "When it comes to Enterprise SEO, it all starts with the basics; a great (scalable, reliable) crawler and log file analyser. For ease of use, Sitebulb and Screaming Frog (on a proper server) are always my go to — but for big, big sites, I do love me E.L.K. for visualisations and directional intelligence at scale."

    download (2)

    Recommended By: Nick Eubanks, YM Ousley

    Screaming Frog is one of the most valuable tools in any SEO's arsenal - when it comes to crawling sites and diagnosing technical SEO problems, it does it without a hitch. User friendly, cost efficient, and powerful.

    A first glance at the Screaming Frog website will provide an immediate insight into how powerful the tool can be - from crawling JavaScript websites and visualising site architecture, to extracting data with XPath and analysing page titles on a massive scale.

    A particular benefit of Screaming Frog is that it is fast - generally, it will crawl a site faster than competitors (e.g. Sitebulb, Deepcrawl), and the setup process itself is as simple as it gets. When enterprise SEO requires regular crawls (especially when it comes to looking at specific subfolders and subdomains), Screaming Frog might be the most effective when considering convenience and insights gained.

    In addition to comments on Botify, YM Ousley had even better things to say about Screaming Frog:

    "Screaming Frog has surely been mentioned by a few people, but I’ll put it at the top of my list. Even though it’s more of a scalpel than the axe of some of my other favorites, that flexibility to crawl in search of almost any specific issue you can think of can make it the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools."

    You can check out the Screaming Frog here

    download (3)
    Screenshot 2021-11-08 160551

    Recommended By: Nick Eubanks, YM Ousley

    Sitebulb is next on our list of enterprise SEO platforms for technical auditing - like Screaming Frog, Nick Eubanks praises Sitebulb for its ease of use - but what else does the software have to offer? Sitebulb truly sets itself apart from Screaming Frog with its auditing and reporting capabilities. More than just a crawler, Sitebulb is an immensely powerful auditing tool, with the capability to produce beautiful reports - often a necessity when it comes to enterprise SEO.

    Aleyda Solis (International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti) praises Sitebulb as a powerful, yet versatile crawler:


    Aleyda Solis

    International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    "Although desktop-based, Sitebulb is so powerful and gives all the features you'll get in cloud based, enterprise level crawlers, while giving you the chance to run quick checks/validations without having to consume any crawl credits that cloud based tools tend to have! "

    Ultimately, while many SEOs will go to Screaming Frog to run a quick site crawl, Sitebulb takes the win when it comes to comprehensive, visual reporting features. The technical enterprise SEO platform you decide on will come down to your particular enterprise SEO needs.


    You can check out the Sitebulb  here

    Additional Enterprise SEO Software for Tech Analysis

    • Deepcrawl
    • Oncrawl
    • ELK

    Enterprise SEO Tools for Content Optimisation

    Now, let's move on to enterprise SEO platforms for content creation and optimisation. While content optimisation is crucial for ranking even the smallest websites on search engines, it is perhaps even more of a necessity when it comes to enterprise scale websites.

    In choosing an enterprise SEO platform for content editing, you'll want to go with an option that is functional, effective, and appropriate when working at scale.

    images (1)

    Recommended By: James Norquay

    Starting with what is considered to be one of the most popular and well received SEO content editors out there, Surfer SEO has unrivalled functionality and power, all while retaining user friendliness.
    Here is what James Norquay (SEO Director, Prosperity Media) had to say about using Surfer for enterprise-scale projects:

    SurferSEO is an SEO tool that I can highly recommend, especially when it comes to enterprise-scale content creation. The efficiency that Surfer provides is invaluable, through AI generated content outlines (however you want to use them), writer friendly/actionable briefs, and tools to help develop broader content strategy, all in one place. Plus, Surfer's auditing tool provides an insightful perspective into content that you won't find anywhere else."

    This writing SEO tool receives regular updates that continue to put it above and beyond - for example, Surfer will break down your content into four distinct categories; structure, headings, terms and NLP. You will be able to write content that is based on specific metrics, all calculated by Surfer using approaches that continuously evolve alongside Google.

    Surfer even has a 'brief' feature, where entire pages can be comprehensively briefed - this includes headings, notes, competitors, topics and questions, and more. Moreover, in creating briefs, you'll even have the option to include uniquely generated paragraph content, highly relevant to a specific sub-heading.

    Finally, Surfer lets you customise guidelines based on competitors chosen, desired structure, and whether or not certain terms should be included. In addition to the content editor, Surfer also has powerful content audit and planning tools, and even keyword research and SERP analyser features.


    View the Surfer website here.

    download (4)

    Recommended By: Amanda King, Georgia Tan

    As an alternative to Surfer, Clearscope takes a different approach to SEO optimised content; instead of focusing on power through broader functionality, it focuses purely on being a writer friendly tool that can be used by anyone.

    This isn't to say that Surfer is difficult to use - Clearscope just takes a different approach. For example, they utilise a letter based content grading system, assign all terms a rank of importance, and even indicate when a term should be used within a heading.

    Clearscope does a great job at keeping structure and writing style flexible; often, this is what will allow writers to create a high quality content piece that is truly made to benefit the reader, rather than just search engines.

    When it comes to quality of content suggestions, Clearscope stands out as well. Amanda King (Principal Consultant, FLOQ) puts it well:

    "it's one of the few tools out there that actually gives meaningful topic targeting for your content."

    Finally, Clearscope allows you to create 'reports' (aka content editor documents) in batches - potentially a must have feature when it comes to enterprise SEO services for content.

    For a better idea of how Clearscope can really shine, we asked Georgia Tan (Prosperity Media) for her thoughts:



    Georgia Tan

    SEO Manager - Prosperity Media

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    “Clearscope is one of my favourite on page SEO tools for enterprise-level websites - it does a great job at managing to keep its offering uncluttered, while being highly effective. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to use tool that stays laser focused on SEO writing and content optimisation. New features such as the batch report export for content inventory analysis are also great time-saving add-ons for larger businesses."

    Click here to learn more about Clearscope.

    Other Great SEO Content Editors

    • Frase
    • MarketMuse
    • Semrush SEO Writing Assistant

    Enterprise SEO Software Platforms for Rank Tracking

    The final main category in which we have put together a list of enterprise SEO platforms is rank tracking.

    While all-in-one enterprise SEO tools can be great when it comes to keyword research and competitor analysis (Ahrefs and Semrush can both do it), rank tracking can also be done with a number of other tools - and some do it better than others.

    Here are a couple of our top picks:

    download (1)

    Recommended By: Cyrus Shepard

    Firstly, STAT Search Analytics (a Moz product) is the go-to enterprise SEO platform of Cyrus Shepard (Co-Founder and CEO of Zyppy), for many reasons - one of which is keyword tracking. Here is what he had to say on the tool:

    download (2)

    Cyrus Shepard

    Co-Founder and CEO of Zyppy

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    "My favourite and most-used enterprise SEO tool by far is STAT Search Analytics. I often need to track 1000s of keywords across different geographic markets, and STAT's Share Of Voice features are second to none. Also, the granularity of SERP features and ownership is hugely valuable when looking for opportunities at scale. "

    We have to agree with Cyrus - when it comes to enterprise SEO and rank tracking, the ability to monitor search engine performance for high numbers of specific keywords across numerous geographic markets is a game changer.

    Ultimately, when it comes to rank tracking (but also Share of Voice, SERP analysis, keyword research), STAT does a great job.


    View STAT here.

    download (5)

    Recommended By: Tom De Spiegelaere

    While STAT is a great tool, AccuRanker is widely considered to be just as good - if not better. What makes AccuRanker so great is that it is an enterprise SEO platform purpose-built for rank tracking.

    In particular, AccuRanker offers features like on-demand ranking updates, data access through an easy-to-use API, advanced metrics and insightful reporting, custom template reporting, and the ability to filter data in hundreds of ways. Clearly, AccuRanker is a capable enterprise SEO platform.

    Not to mention, the capability of AccuRanker isn't limited to just Google Search - it works across numerous search engines, including Bing and even YouTube.


    Learn more by visiting the AccuRanker website here.

    Other Great Enterprise Rank Tracking Options

    • Nozzle

    Other Enterprise SEO Platforms to Consider

    Share of Voice

    While we mentioned these tools already, they should definitely be considered if Share of Voice is important to you.

    • BrightEdge
    • STAT Search Analytics
    • Semrush

    The Best Enterprise SEO Reporting Tools

    • Google Data Studio
    • Agency Analytics
    • DashThis

    Local SEO analysis, tracking and optimisation

    • BrightLocal
    • Semrush
    • Local Viking
    • Google My Business

    Google Suite

    Finally, while they might seem too obvious to include, Google provides what are arguably the best SEO and SEM tools available - while any of the aforementioned third party tools can be used or avoided, Google's tools are a necessity for any SEO. Take advantage of data accuracy and use information straight from Google itself.

    • Google Search Console
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Trends
    • Google My Business
    • Google Data Studio

    Other Great Enterprise Rank Tracking Options

    Still not sure what your go-to enterprise SEO tools should be? When we asked leading enterprise SEOs for some additional thoughts, here is what they had to say:


    Amanda King

    Principal Consultant, FLOQ

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    "My top 3 favourite enterprise SEO tools are: DragonMetrics (because it's all the SERP data with no fuss and a great team), the SERPs themselves (amazing how much info you can learn from the actual search result) and Clearscope because it's one of the few tools out there that actually gives meaningful topic targeting for your content."


    Aleyda Solis

    International SEO Consultant & Founder, Orainti

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    Ryte: Provides a fantastic "Website Success" Module with a powerful cloud based SEO crawler that allows you to easily identify and go through crawling, indexing, internal linking, speed, multilingual settings, while providing robots.txt and server monitoring, while integrating also with analytics and search console performance data to also facilitating prioritization of those areas/pages that matter the most towards traffic/conversion. Ryte also has an excellent Botlogs module that you can use to monitor search bots activity in your site without having to use log files, which can be very hard to get access and integration to in many cases!

    ContentKing: Real time SEO configuration monitoring and alerts! ContentKing checks and alerts you in real time whenever any meaningful SEO related configuration you set has changed (from canonical tags, to meta robots, http status, etc), and you can do it so at scale.. whether for a group of URLs or your whole site! Integrates also with PM tools, allowing you to send alerts directly to Slack if you want too.

    Botify: I combine Botify with Ryte to have a "double take" on site technical issues and opportunities, cloud based, allows to easy to compare evolution and crawls over time which I use to see the gap between JS and non-JS crawls. Allows also to integrate log file data to your own crawl simulations to identify inconsistencies and further opportunities, and easily lets you to give access to clients to individual projects.


    Jamar Ramos

    CEO, Crunchy Links

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    For my day-to-day responsibilities the single most indispensable tool I use is Asana. One of our company’s unique selling points is our transparency promise. Asana helps us keep this promise by giving clients real-time views into task management. At any time, one of our clients can go into their customized Asana board and see what tasks we’re working on and their status. We can also use it to tag them in case tasks are bottlenecked on their end. If that were the extent to which I used Asana, it’d be worth the money. But I also use it to track our internal quarterly goals, client sentiment with a custom-built CRM, internal projects, and company milestones. Asana let's me track all of the information and data I need to keep clients happy, internal projects moving, and keep myself and our employees levelling up through goals. - Jamar Ramos


    YM Ousley

    Senior Technical SEO Manager

    Icon awesome-twitter-square

    Screaming Frog has surely been mentioned by a few people, but I’ll put it at the top of my list. Even though it’s more of a scalpel than the axe of some of my other favorites, that flexibility to crawl in search of almost any specific issue you can think of can make it the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools. Some creativity and possibly a dedicated computer or cloud instance (shout out to Mike King who detailed how to do this for AWS and James Finlayson of Verve Search who outlined it using Google’s own cloud are likely needed if you’re going over 10,000 URLs. However, even if that’s a fraction of the pages you’re dealing with, it’s still usually a representative enough sample of pages to identify patterns in server errors, redirect chains and any number of potential tech issues. The lack of an enterprise price can also make it easier to get started with since for most companies it’s well below the threshold where contracts or procurement departments need to be considered.

    When it’s time for an axe, DeepCrawl is a great option for automated reports that can be scaled to hundreds of thousands or millions of pages. If you’re familiar with RegEx, it can be the answer to the requests you inevitably get to identify all of the pages that use a certain sentence, image or piece of code that needs to be found and removed — and set up to run continuously so that any repeat instances can be spotted quickly.

    Finally, Content King is my favorite new enterprise tool on the block. If you’re dealing with thousands or millions of pages, possibly with different stakeholders, it can be impossible to keep up with which group changed a section of a page and when. The monitoring for standard tech SEO issues is pretty common across tools, but the ability to monitor specific elements combined with super frequent updates is gold for any enterprise business dealing with pages that change frequently. I originally used it to replace an internal tool that was dropped in a migration, but the way they pull together custom element monitoring with standard SEO info made it even better than the internal tool for having a record of changes that could be considered against SERP changes.