15 Great Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using!


15 Great Content Marketing Tools You Should Be Using!

James Norquay

James Norquay

28 Jun 2023

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Don’t let time spent on content marketing go to waste just because you didn’t have the right tools under your belt. Here are some great services that are bound to help you succeed with your content marketing efforts.

1. Google Trends – https://www.google.com.au/trends/

Get the top trending topics sent straight to your inbox daily with Google Trends. Keeping up to date with the latest popular information can give you the edge by posting similar content.

2. Marketo – https://au.marketo.com/

Marketo is a well-rounded online platform that can assist you with all types of lead management and marketing. They help grow some really big names; such as MyFitnessPal, Curves, and LiveIntent.

3. Twitter – https://twitter.com

Twitter is best used for finding out what people are questioning or talking about. Find somewhere that you can help and begin engaging in some conversations!

4. Buffer – https://buffer.com

It’s understandable that you don’t want to set aside time throughout the day just to post on social media, so Buffer is a great way to line up a heap of content and have it posted automatically at specific times.

5. MailChimp – http://mailchimp.com/

MailChimp is an easy to use service that allows you to schedule and automate your e-mail marketing efforts.

6. Contently – https://contently.com

As your business grows you’ll need to begin delegating work to more people. Contently is a great place to find tonnes of freelancers looking to help with your content marketing endeavours.

7. ContentMarketer io – https://contentmarketer.io

ContentMarketer.io claims that it will increase your blog’s traffic by 3x through providing all kinds of marketing assistance: from providing influential people or company’s contact details, to e-mail marketing and even training.

8. Sniply – https://snip.ly

This tool allows you to add a call to action on any link you share. For example, instead of just blogging about cosy socks, you could add a call to action like “Come visit our fluffy socks website” at the end, obviously resulting in more traffic. Snip.ly then tracks the clicks made on this link so that you can quantify the results later.

9. Quora – https://www.quora.com

There’s no point in producing any content if people won’t choose to read it. Quora is a great way to find the topics that people really want to know about right now.

10. Google Analytics – https://www.google.com.au/analytics/

A staple part of any business utilising the internet, Google Analytics gives insight as to who the audience viewing your page is, which devices they’re using the site on, and where viewers spend the most time.

11. BuzzSumo – http://buzzsumo.com

BuzzSumo tracks which articles are doing best on different platforms. You may find that your post has barely been shared at all on LinkedIn, but Pinterest has gone wild for it! With this information, you can then optimise specifically for that audience and focus your efforts.

12. AddText – http://addtext.com

Images are vital when it comes to viewer engagement and adding text to these images can be an easy way to have your total shares skyrocket. AddText is especially useful for image-based sites like Instagram or Tumblr.

13. Ahrefs – https://ahrefs.com

Ahrefs is a great way to keep track of who has linked to your—or your competitor’s—site. You can also see which keywords your competitor is bidding on in paid advertisements.

14. Grammarly – https://www.grammarly.com

Grammarly is useful because it not only has a more advanced spell-checker and synonyms list than Microsoft Word, but it also detects grammar issues and provides tips to prevent them in the future.

15. Crowdfire – https://www.crowdfireapp.com

Maximise your success on Twitter and Instagram by tracking who is most and least engaged on your page, as well as watching how your follower list is affected by each post.

With these tools at your disposal, there won’t be anything to stop your content marketing from bringing in great results!

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.