Quick and Easy Growth Hacks for 2024


Quick and Easy Growth Hacks for 2024

James Norquay

James Norquay

18 Dec 2023

Growth, what every business owner dreams off.  You now have your product, but you need traction. Often, this stage of business life cycle is the most difficult. Early adopters, customers, and feedback are critical to development. So, how can you promote growth, and how can you accelerate this process?

Customer Referral Programs

Customer references are considered to be one of the most sustainable, but more importantly, cost-effective ways to grow a business

Make your referral program SIMPLE! Let your existing and potential customers know they have a lot to gain from it. Be sure to figure out the best time within a client cycle to ask them to make a referral. Personal “thank you” messages are recommended for each customer that provides a referral.

Some services offer a ready solution for your referral system, e.g. ReferralCandy, Ambassador.

Share to Extend

When offering a trial period, use the share to extend strategy. On the last day of a trial period, ask people to either purchase the product or share on social media in exchange for an extended expiry date.

Make sure you write a quality share script. Always, follow mentions, shares, likes, and retweets.


Often, a popular blogger can be just as influential as a PR agency. Reach out to quality bloggers or influential people in your industry, offer them a free subscription, account or services in exchange for a review. Make a list of the most relevant and popular blogs, then contact them with your offer.

You can build a landing page listing all the details and terms of a similar offer, include the deal on the other relevant pages. Now other influences can take part. You need to ensure potential prospects know they will gain from this e.g. reduce their monthly bill.

Formulate a thorough list of requirements and facilitate a self-application process for possible candidates.                                  

Complimenting with Integration

Developing integrations or partnerships between your product and others is an excellent way to compliment them. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to obtain new leads and promote growth.

List and research any popular products you may be able to integrate with. Look at competitors. What are they doing? What add-ons do they have? Check if those products have dedicated pages that can feature your product. Do they already feature others? Will yours fit in? Contact them to make sure they are taking applications.

Prepare a landing page featuring this new integration. This page will do wonders for your SEO; you can link to and from your partner’s page. Prepare texts and screenshots the for the partner page, be thorough as adjustments on their site may take time.  Finally, make a blog post, ensure both sites promote it.

Comparison Pages

Comparison pages’ help converts potential customers who are yet to make their mind about which company to go with. You could create a dedicated landing page, but a simple blog post will do the job.

Prepare a list of your competitors. Make an honest and open comparison of your product against theirs. Ensure to polish the post and your page SEO.

Start sharing it on social media, write guest posts and featured articles. Do as much as possible to get the comparison post seen and engaged with.

“Powered by”

Embeds and badges are an underrated approach to going viral. If done well, a good badge can aid growth substantially.

Don’t chuck a logo and the “Powered by” badge anywhere, think about an appropriate place. You want it to make sense.  Test it in various forms, trial and error will be key. Also if you use this strategy on scale include a No-follow tag to ensure no drama from Google.

Side Project Marketing                                                

Try giving something of value away. People who enjoy what you create on the side end up learning more about your primary business. The ROI of side project can be a lot greater than first thought.

Create something that will help people and solve a real problem. If your side project achieves something, then it will truly stand out and bring benefit. Something with this value will last far longer than a typical blog post.

Remember, this is a side project. It should be relatively quick and easy, don’t spend too much time on it.








James Norquay

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