Last month Prosperity Media attended MozCon, its the world’s premier SEO and Digital Marketing Conference hosted in Seattle USA with top notch speakers all from the US & Europe speaking.

We have put together some key tips from speakers at the event.

1. Rand Fishkin

Power of content Report is a great report for content marketing stats.
– Review overall traffic for content marketing efforts.
– Review landing page traffic for content marketing efforts.
– Build an Exclusive email list (share a max of 2 pieces of content a month)
– Republish content
– Content marketing is a long game

2. Russ Jones

– Find people who are using the 2013 version and make the 2017 or 2018 version of the content.
– Track Brand mentions for links.
– Do not produce content that you can not link to.
– Look over competitors top links
– Take a wikipedia page and make it accessible and reach out to everyone linking to it.
– Make bespoke content.
– Use downloadable resources.
– If you are embarrassed to promote your content then you should not make it.
– Use for finding emails. – Content Relevancy tool.
– Link prospects are like customers.
– Use a different TLD when you are doing outreach – is a great outreach tool.
Content team should have a – Manager, Developer, Designer, Writer and Editor (Prospector and lead prospector)

3. Britney Muller

Similar Web – Great tool for doing analysis.
Built With to analyse websites.
– Dont use a shared host for your company website.
– Remove junk pages from your website
– Re submit sitemaps for a specific section of your site if you are having indexing issues.
– Self referencing rel canonical are worth using.

4. Lisa Myers

– Tools worth using to scale outreach  – Gorkana, Meltwater, BuzzStream, Buzzsumo
– Find something and make it better.
– Interview question – ask someone what browser they use if they say Firefox or Chrome they are 17% more likely to stay in the job.
– Interview question – how did the elephant get onto the underground?
– Team – Design, Dev, OutreachAllow staff to send emails their own way.

5. Joel Kettle

– Review competitors negative reviews
– Run live chat

6. Daniel Russel

– Sub reddit content ideas.
– Top sub reddit in the past month.
– Use content ideas from reddit.
– Build content based on popular themes shared on reddit.
– Reddit user base is 67% male 33% female.
– Maintain a active user.
– Become a active user.
– Master search function.
– How you can 10 x a idea.

7. Wil Renyolds

– Rather be thanked then ranked.
– Never rank for SEO Consultant or SEO Company no quality deals had from these terms.
– Ranking on terms like SEO company lost SEER money.
– Hire an academic researcher for a content asset project.
– Always show pricing if you are a SAAS project.
– Ensure that your business is writing recent content and you include the year value in the title, it can assist with CTR.
– Comparison widgets such as the ones PC World use can be great for conversions.
– Ensure that your business uses for analytics.
– Target terms like (Best) + Query for keyword targeting.
– Scrape company reviews.
– Look over both positive and negative reviews for competitors to gain insights on what they are doing right and wrong.
– Ask people how to improve your content marketing.

8. Rob Bucci

– 21% of image results are in the information stage.
– Target “Best” Queries
– Target “Compare” Queries
– Target “New” Queries
– Ensure you are using “Category pages” targeting focused ranking more.
– – For All Slides and information.

9. Matthew Edgar

– Ensure you are using internal link tracking.
– Ensure you are using scroll tracking on site content.
– is a good tool for tracking website issues.

10. Kane Jamison

– Make ads targeting influencers and journalists.
– Upload email lists to custom audience on Facebook.
– Target influencers and blogs first with custom ads before you target the sites with outreach.
– Use Twitter Audience ads using email list.
– Retarget for user conversions.

11. Matthew Barby

– Brands doing good things with conversion – PandaDocs, Zapier
– These brands are building conversion pages.
– Solve a problem users are already asking.

12. Dr Pete

– 55% of results on page one are now running on HTTPS.
– Terms like “Samsung TV” are starting to be paid only, the way to go with organic is long tail.
– Featured Snippets.
– Give the answer first.
– Featured snippets drive voice search.

13. Tara Reed

– Powerful brands use communities.
– When customers se a community they are 2.5
– Make use of Udemy courses.
– is good for making basic community sites
Memberful WP Plugin

14. Brittney Muller

– Remove low quality pages on your website.
– Add URL Parameters to google search console.
– Provide relevant suggestions to increase page views.
– Quiz content can work very well.

15. Stephane Chang

– Define/Design/ Analyse
– Title tags were low effort high opportunity
– Stratified sampling
– Googles cause of impact package
– Using Google AMP dropped page seed from 1.94 seconds to 317 ms.
– Changing wording on title tags from unique to popular increased CTR.
– Meta Descriptions are highly important on mass scale.

16. Dawn Anderson

– Using hreflang & Canonical on international site can cause issues.
– Search engines love categorization.
– Local navigation and relevance is important.
– Make use of breadcrumbs on content.
– ASOS is a good example of fashion category use.

Some of the Australian’s who attended having a drink with Cyrus Shepard.

James Norquay from Prosperity Media with Rand from Moz.