MozCon Tips from 16 Speakers


MozCon Tips from 16 Speakers

James Norquay

James Norquay

16 Aug 2017

Last month Prosperity Media attended MozCon, its the world’s premier SEO and Digital Marketing Conference hosted in Seattle USA with top notch speakers all from the US & Europe speaking.

We have put together some key tips from speakers at the event.

1. Rand Fishkin

Power of content Report is a great report for content marketing stats.
– Review overall traffic for content marketing efforts.
– Review landing page traffic for content marketing efforts.
– Build an Exclusive email list (share a max of 2 pieces of content a month)
– Republish content
– Content marketing is a long game

2. Russ Jones

– Find people who are using the 2013 version and make the 2017 or 2018 version of the content.
– Track Brand mentions for links.
– Do not produce content that you can not link to.
– Look over competitors top links
– Take a wikipedia page and make it accessible and reach out to everyone linking to it.
– Make bespoke content.
– Use downloadable resources.
– If you are embarrassed to promote your content then you should not make it.
– Use for finding emails. – Content Relevancy tool.
– Link prospects are like customers.
– Use a different TLD when you are doing outreach – is a great outreach tool.
Content team should have a – Manager, Developer, Designer, Writer and Editor (Prospector and lead prospector)

3. Britney Muller

Similar Web – Great tool for doing analysis.
Built With to analyse websites.
– Dont use a shared host for your company website.
– Remove junk pages from your website
– Re submit sitemaps for a specific section of your site if you are having indexing issues.
– Self referencing rel canonical are worth using.

4. Lisa Myers

– Tools worth using to scale outreach  – Gorkana, Meltwater, BuzzStream, Buzzsumo
– Find something and make it better.
– Interview question – ask someone what browser they use if they say Firefox or Chrome they are 17% more likely to stay in the job.
– Interview question – how did the elephant get onto the underground?
– Team – Design, Dev, OutreachAllow staff to send emails their own way.

5. Joel Kettle

– Review competitors negative reviews
– Run live chat

6. Daniel Russel

– Sub reddit content ideas.
– Top sub reddit in the past month.
– Use content ideas from reddit.
– Build content based on popular themes shared on reddit.
– Reddit user base is 67% male 33% female.
– Maintain a active user.
– Become a active user.
– Master search function.
– How you can 10 x a idea.

7. Wil Renyolds

– Rather be thanked then ranked.
– Never rank for SEO Consultant or SEO Company no quality deals had from these terms.
– Ranking on terms like SEO company lost SEER money.
– Hire an academic researcher for a content asset project.
– Always show pricing if you are a SAAS project.
– Ensure that your business is writing recent content and you include the year value in the title, it can assist with CTR.
– Comparison widgets such as the ones PC World use can be great for conversions.
– Ensure that your business uses for analytics.
– Target terms like (Best) + Query for keyword targeting.
– Scrape company reviews.
– Look over both positive and negative reviews for competitors to gain insights on what they are doing right and wrong.
– Ask people how to improve your content marketing.

8. Rob Bucci

– 21% of image results are in the information stage.
– Target “Best” Queries
– Target “Compare” Queries
– Target “New” Queries
– Ensure you are using “Category pages” targeting focused ranking more.
– – For All Slides and information.

9. Matthew Edgar

– Ensure you are using internal link tracking.
– Ensure you are using scroll tracking on site content.
– is a good tool for tracking website issues.

10. Kane Jamison

– Make ads targeting influencers and journalists.
– Upload email lists to custom audience on Facebook.
– Target influencers and blogs first with custom ads before you target the sites with outreach.
– Use Twitter Audience ads using email list.
– Retarget for user conversions.

11. Matthew Barby

– Brands doing good things with conversion – PandaDocs, Zapier
– These brands are building conversion pages.
– Solve a problem users are already asking.

12. Dr Pete

– 55% of results on page one are now running on HTTPS.
– Terms like “Samsung TV” are starting to be paid only, the way to go with organic is long tail.
– Featured Snippets.
– Give the answer first.
– Featured snippets drive voice search.

13. Tara Reed

– Powerful brands use communities.
– When customers se a community they are 2.5
– Make use of Udemy courses.
– is good for making basic community sites
Memberful WP Plugin

14. Brittney Muller

– Remove low quality pages on your website.
– Add URL Parameters to google search console.
– Provide relevant suggestions to increase page views.
– Quiz content can work very well.

15. Stephane Chang

– Define/Design/ Analyse
– Title tags were low effort high opportunity
– Stratified sampling
– Googles cause of impact package
– Using Google AMP dropped page seed from 1.94 seconds to 317 ms.
– Changing wording on title tags from unique to popular increased CTR.
– Meta Descriptions are highly important on mass scale.

16. Dawn Anderson

– Using hreflang & Canonical on international site can cause issues.
– Search engines love categorization.
– Local navigation and relevance is important.
– Make use of breadcrumbs on content.
– ASOS is a good example of fashion category use.

Some of the Australian’s who attended having a drink with Cyrus Shepard.

James Norquay from Prosperity Media with Rand from Moz.






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