18 Top Tools for Finding Email Leads


18 Top Tools for Finding Email Leads

James Norquay

James Norquay

06 Jul 2023

An email list is a great asset.  Unfortunately, obtaining emails and keeping them on your list is very difficult.  What are some fast, efficient ways of boosting leads? Check out some of the top tools for finding email leads.

1. Contact Out

Contact Out is one of the top tools for finding anyones email address.

2. EmailMagpie

A simple email finding service. EmailMagpie will find company or influencer leads and emails in any business or geography online.  You no longer need to spend time finding leads.

3. AeroLeads

AeroLeads allows you to find emails and phone numbers of businesses and their decision makers. Simply add the Chrome Plugin, activate and start searching prospects in Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList etc. Add them to AeroLeads and get the emails and phone numbers you desire.

4. Norbert

Norbert can find up to 50 email leads for free. You can use the powerful API to build anything you want.  Enhance your lead information with data in minutes.

5. RocketReach

Your first degree connection to any professional in your industry. Look up emails, phone numbers and social links across 6 million companies worldwide.

Founded by engineers, the API is intuitive and powerful. It will give you access to the same data that powers the RocketReach site. You can sign up for free now.

6. Anymail Finder

Find and verify emails with the Anymail Finder API! Get emails directly and rapidly using the simple rest API.  You can look up names, domains or verify existing emails.

Anymail Finder uses a range of approaches, searching billions of web pages and performs direct server validation. You are only charge for verified emails.

7. EmailMatcher

Email matcher helps you find any email for FREE. You simply type in a first and last name, then a domain, you will have your email. EmailMatcher will also try to verify an email, if not they will give you their best guess. You can also install the chrome extension. 

8. FindThatLead 

Get people’s email with just one click. Find your future best customer’s email validated in seconds and improve your sales.  Simply type the name and company domain and you can find anyone’s corporate email. All emails come validated but you can also use the ‘Email Verifier’ tool for specific emails.

9. Skrapp

Skrapp is a Google Chrome Extension that leads lists on top of Linkedin searches and profiles. Find all your prospects emails and save them in simple, easy to read lists.

10. Grabby

Email extracting has never been so easy! Just give Grabby the list of websites and nothing else. Grabby will find you all the email addresses on the websites.  A consistent weekly fee will give you the great tool that assists in direct marketing campaigns, building of email mailing lists and contact information databases.

11. Hunter

Opportunities are one email away. Find the email addresses you need in a matter of seconds. Connect with people that matter for your business. Domain searches, email finder and email verifier all in one. You get 100 free searches a month.

12. Interseller

Outbound emails shouldn’t require dozens of processes and tools. Add prospects into an email campaign an automate a series of unique emails that go straight to a contacts inbox. Also, you are able to synchronize all prospects and communication to your current services.

13. Elucify

Fast, free and accurate. You get more for less. Never waste time searching for prospect emails again. Find any business email address. Target your leads with laser precision.

14. NeverBounce

An email address is your best line of communication with a customer. Over 35,000 organisations are using NeverBounce due to the real time verification and email services.

Send promotions and signup subscribers, generate more revenue, generate leads and grow your business with daily communication.

15. Email Generator

Email Generator allows you to auto generate 50 plus email combinations and see if any are real with Rapportive. You are able to guess emails in seconds. No more typing and deleting combinations manually. Get all 50 plus combinations in one click. 

16. LeadGibbon

Search from within Sales Navigator using the advanced search functionality. You can focus on titles, industry, location, company size and more. Highly focused searches will aid the process of targeting leads.  Verify the email addresses of your leads. Choose from two plans with no lock-ins or obligations.

17. Lusha

Join the thousands of companies are already using Lusha. Personal phone numbers

and emails accessed at the click of a button. Trusted by thousands of recruiters,

business development executives and sales professionals.

18. Name2Email

Find an email address by name right from Gmail! You compose an email then add a full name and domain starting with @ into the To field. The Name2Email tool will automatically generate the most common corporate email address for this person.

Hover your mouse over generated emails, if a popup appears with a person name – this is the right email address.

Go out and start getting the leads your business needs!


James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.