Prosperity Media Content Marketing Winners


Prosperity Media Content Marketing Winners

James Norquay

James Norquay

22 Jan 2023

Over the last few months Prosperity Media ran a competition to help give back to up and coming students who were interested in Content and Digital Marketing. Basically if students wanted to apply for a position at Prosperity we basically just said submit a cover letter and 400 words of content about the digital space. We had over 30 entries from different students around Australia so the competition was tough. From these students we decided to pick two winners. The first prize was a Mac Book Air and the second prize was a Gift Card from The Iconic. We have also shared the two winning articles below to showcase the students writing.

Laptop-winnerArticle One – The Digital Space In 2018
(By Jemma)

Most people are digitally active. They are either Millennials who have grown up surrounded by tech, or older generations who have been forced to adapt to survive. Yet as much as we use the internet, the majority of us simply skim on the surface. Click here, post there, sign up, subscribe, proceed to check out. It is done without a second thought – surfing through the digital space has become our way of life. It is often reported that our reliance on technology and the world wide web has come at a cost. So much so that we are losing our patience, our ability to multitask, our sleep and our overall health and wellbeing. The benefits of technology use and advancements are overlooked because the number grows so rapidly. Each day ideas are conceived, projects are developed and tweaked. There will always be people who welcome new technology, and those who do not. Then there are those who are fascinated with it, and choose to learn how to manipulate the digital space to their advantage. One of the often forgotten benefits of technology is the boost it has given to small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups. They are now able to promote themselves to increase sales and brand awareness amongst consumers. These people often need guidance in the digital space, and that is where the “fascinated manipulators” come into play. They teach others to embrace technology by using it to help themselves. That is what it is designed for after all. Just like the businesses making their mark via the internet, people all over the world have been able to leave their digital footprint through expression. Whether it is writing an article, starting a blog, sharing a photo or an opinion – the internet is like an endless book filled with expression. Everyone can contribute. My contribution, I hope, is one that not only benefits myself, but benefits others. I want to help entrepreneurs and start-ups get ahead by teaching them social media, by writing excellent copy and content. I also want to share my thoughts, opinions and advice with those who, though they may be on the other side of the world, connect with me through my web pages. I want them to feel inspired by my words. I encourage you to use your digital space for the betterment of yourself and others. See it for what it is – a blessing.

Article Two – New “Tinder” social media platform for the travelling business professional
(By Chrystianna)

Dubbed the new Tinder for business professionals, called ButN, my mind instantly jumped into the gutter. Luckily, it was hauled back into the sunshine by the innovative idea behind this new social media platform that mixes your business with pleasure (that isn’t going to threaten your “in a relationship” status). Although ButN was inspired by the new leaps and bounds dating websites have made with connecting people, I’m assured this new platform to connect is “strictly business” (so stick to Tinder if you’re after something else).

ButN claims to go further than LinkedIn when it comes to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals. Users can view profiles of other members who are nearby as well as business and networking events in their area. It’s aimed at the travelling business person who can connect with others at hotels and events.

But before you sign up, there is some scepticism about the lack of detail in personal profiles as you are expected to connect with people on little more information other than their photo, a couple of sentences about the person and their current job. Is this just going to turn into a type of business booty call? Should I just be one step ahead of the inevitable evolution of this app and enter in my dimensions?

While it is important to stay on top of new social media platforms, it is also equally important that your content is strategic and meaningful to effectively reach your audience as well as remain a helpful representation of your organisation in the digital space. Simply putting your profile out there into the digital abyss and connecting with people purely because of geographical location, is social but not particularly strategic.

Connecting with people who can be crucial influencers to your target audience can be key to having an effective content marketing strategy. Having a trending hashtag, for example, is no use if the people you want to reach aren’t seeing it. In order to identify who these key influencers are, you need to know who your target audience are – what makes them tick and how do you reach them?

ButN is still in its BETA stage in Australia so there are still possibilities for more refinement and polish. It will be interesting if this concept takes off for business professionals or not and it is important to keep an eye on new such products as a possible new way to reach your audience. Although their concept is on the right track for making new connections, a more polished product is needed to make it a worthwhile strategic tool for professionals.

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.