So on April fools day (1st April 2016) this year we decided to generate some buzz and make up a false story that we had been acquired by Google Australia.

Originally my team and I were under the impression that this story is so false who would believe it! A SEO and Content Specialist agency been acquired by Google.

We were astounded by the 8 calls we had to the office with congratulations and all the well wishes on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter ect, some we did play along with and act like a “party” was happening in the Prosperity offices.

We started the fun with a post on Facebook and then across all other media.

We let everyone know on Linkedin about the story even Larry Kim CEO from Wordstream offered his congratulations, thanks Larry!


You can see the huge spike on my personal profile when the “news” hit, many large CEO’s/ Agency owners and others were keen to find out more about the founder of Google’s latest acquisition.


The break down for the channels we shared the content were as follows – 

* Twitter – 210 impressions.
* Website Visitors to official site – 865 (April 1-2 )
* Views to personal LinkedIn – 300+ in (April 1-3 )
* Views to LinkedIn Post – 300+ – 27 likes – 12 comments (April 1-2)
* LinkedIn Profile Post – 36 likes – 14 comments (April 1-2)
* Facebook Business Page Campaign Views – 7,361 – 21 likes – 12 comments (April 1-3)
(we were able to leverage the Facebook impressions by spending $100 on a boosted post and
* Instagram – 8 likes (April 1)
* Google+ – 2 plus and one comment (April 1)

– To add to the buzz we also shared the “news” across LinkedIn Groups and large Facebook groups many people were offering congratulations.

Some of our favourite well wishes – 

“Wow! Congratulations James. Well deserved.”

“Congratulations James Norquay! Credit to you and your team for being recognised for your quality and achieving this big next step forward with Google!”

“Oh wow! Amazing job James!! Congratulations on an this terrific achievement. Well done mate!!”

“Tremendous achievement mate. Not just for the quality of work you guys must do but for the passion you show towards SEO. From slideshows, to meet ups. Well done.”

“Congrats. It’s interesting when Google hires/buys professionals to do SEO or paid search for Google products. :-)”

Estimated total reach to the April Fools campaign – 8,736

Proposal request leads from the April Fools campaign – 2

Overall for a cost of only $100 and the leads/ visitors generated from this campaign it was 100% worth it.

We are still taking on new business so if you are after high quality SEO and Content Marketing services to not hesitate to get in touch today!