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Google Adwords (now known as Google Ads) is a form of pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Unlike traditional forms of interruption marketing such as print advertising, billboards and TV commercials, Adwords is based on user search intent. That is, an ad will only show when triggered (and you’ll only pay for clicks). This method reduces unnecessary advertising expenditure, increases relevancy, click through rate, and most importantly, conversions.

If you’re a CMO or a marketing manager, this will be music to your ears (get in touch).

From a holistic digital marketing strategy perspective, we recommend most brands (from small businesses to enterprise-level) to run Google Adwords in parallel with a well-researched search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.

Why do we recommend a combination of Google Adwords + SEO?

  1. For validation purposes: One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make is to ‘set and forget’. Consumers behaviour evolves across time and what may have a high conversion rate one month may flop the next. We approach Google Adwords management as an ongoing process of testing to find cost-effective opportunities your brand can exploit to beat your competitors.
  2. Laser-targeted keyword research: Content may be king but without traffic, content is useless. Since Adwords is based on search intent, we can tell you the exact keywords that your ideal customers are using. Not only can this improve the quality score of your ads but also give you empirical data to make content marketing decisions.
  3. Gain agility to stay ahead of the pack: With the data insights gained from your Adwords campaign, you can make data-driven decisions to affect changes in web design, landing page optimisation, ad spend, and return on investment.Why hire us as your premier partner?

Our team was awarded the BEST Agency award at the SEMrush Search Marketing Awards in 2018.

If you are looking for cheap AdWords management – we’re probably not going to be a good fit.

We offer high-quality paid search marketing services without lock-in contracts. Some of our clients spend five figures per month on paid search. We’re confident in our ability to produce you with measurable results.

Where most PPC agencies do not actively provide marketing and business insights, we do. This is one of our competitive advantages as a team that specialises in content marketing, outreach, link acquisition, and digital strategy, we provide a holistic and proactive approach to maximising your PPC management.

Are you looking to grow your business with a trusted Google Adwords Agency based in Sydney? Then our team is here to assist you.

If you have an existing Adwords account and you are looking for cheaper CPC and better quality score, get in touch for a FREE analysis of your Adwords account. Our team will be able to give you actionable recommendations to help you beat your competitors.

Common PPC Mistakes To Avoid

Google has made setting up an Adwords campaign incredibly easy. Don’t for a second believe that this is out of the goodness of their hearts. Based on Q3 2018 earnings report, $27.77 billion (USD) of Google’s revenue came from paid search campaigns. As you can see, Google Ads are hugely profitable and without proper Adwords management services, you can very quickly deplete your ad spend without getting any conversions.

Here are some common Google Ads mistakes you must avoid:

  • Focusing on the wrong metrics: CTR, quality score, average CPC, average position, impression share, and position above rate are all important metrics to measure. However, these metrics only monitor the health of an active campaign not the efficacy of the campaign itself. We’ve taken over numerous Adwords accounts where the previous PPC agency had failed to set up conversion goals and therefore were ineffective at measuring ROI.
  • Set and forget mentality: we’ve taken over many accounts where ad groups, keywords, and bid strategies have not been optimised for conversions. In our eyes, PPC management is not a simple ‘set and forget’ process, but rather, an ongoing process that requires PPC expertise and a willingness to understand the vertical that your brand is in.
  • Fixating on cost: Google Ads can be expensive, especially in the research and data collection phase. Some PPC agencies promise that Google Adwords can be cheap when the reality is that the average CPC will depend on the vertical you are in and how competitive it is. For example, when we take on a new PPC account, we allocate a set budget on broad match modifiers to identify opportunities and build out a negative keyword list.
  • Not closing sales: A well-developed marketing funnel is only as strong as the closing rate of your sales team.

Our Adwords Management Process Explained

No two Adwords campaigns are ever the same.

From our experience, most brands fall into two camps: (i) those who have never tried Google Ads before, and (ii) brands that have an existing account and want better results.

Whilst paid search campaigns will differ in goals, our typical onboarding process for Adwords management involves:

  1. Performing a competitive analysis on your vertical in order to identify opportunities, estimate ad spend, and forecast conversion-based CPC. For certain niches, competitive keywords may be too expensive to bid on and thus, these should be identified in the initial discovery stage.
  2. Secondly, we will carry our an in-depth keyword research to map search intent based on various customer personas. Some PPC agencies may simply copy + paste keywords from your competitors. We find cost-effective opportunities specific to your goals.
  3. Before we build out a custom campaign, we’ll scrape your site to identify suitable landing pages and recommend the creation of new ones to improve CTR conversion.
  4. Then we will set up individual Adword campaigns using a SKAG approach. Using the insights from our competitive analysis and keyword research, we will begin A/B testing different ad and ad extensions. During this step, we will install the necessary conversion and analytics tracking so that we may measure and monitor the campaign.
  5. Generally speaking, the first month is devoted to collecting empirical search data. Specifically, we will identify keywords that reflect actual search intent. Done with broad match modified keywords and a bid strategy to maximise clicks, we will be able to weed out irrelevant keywords that will be added to your campaign’s negative list. This is the most hands-on period of the process as our team will be monitoring the performance on a daily basis.
  6. By the second and third month, our goal is to move your bid strategy to target ROAS.

If you already have existing Adwords running, our team will examine the historical performance to identify optimisation opportunities. For example, we will advise which campaigns to continue, to scale up, to pause, or to stop completely.

Other digital marketing solutions where we can help grow your Adwords Management 

1. Landing page optimisation – we advise on the best landing page practices in order to achieve desirable conversion rate. This process can entail page load optimisations, copywriting A/B testing and funnel optimisations.

2. Negative keyword optimisation – we advise on the best strategy for negative keyword optimisation for your business so that you are only paying for targeted clicks.

3. Google Shopping campaigns – we advise clients on how they can best structure a Google Shopping Campaign feed (especially effective for retargeting campaigns).

4. Quality Score – we assist clients with improving their quality score on key landing pages and ad copy to keep the cost down.

5. Facebook Ads – we assist clients in Facebook ad campaigns to supplement their Google ad account. Conversions (CPM/CPC) tend to be cheaper on the Facebook advertising platform compared to Google Ads and should be something to consider as part of your marketing budget.

6. Cost per click optimisation – we advise brands how they can optimise cost per click optimisation per search term.

7. Ad Group optimisation – we advise if the ad groups in the campaign have been structured correctly for the business.

8. Other forms of online advertising – we advise on other areas of online advertising where we can help your business grow.

9. Monthly report – our team will provide you with a monthly report for each campaign so that you may identify the best performing areas of the campaign for scaling purposes.

10. Marketing budget optimisation – we can provide marketing budget optimisation to ensure that your campaign has the best possible return on investment.

11. Call tracking to your phone number – we will assist with setting up call tracking to your business via one of our partners.

12. Advanced Adwords management services – we can provide advanced advice on Adwords and split testing for your business.

Give our team a call today on 1300 886 452 or contact us and we would be happy to provide a FREE quote & analysis for your Google Adwords campaign by a PPC agency you can trust.