8 Reasons why your dental surgery needs SEO

8 Reasons why your dental surgery needs SEO

James Norquay

James Norquay

30 Jan 2017

Nowadays, offering quality service and skilled dental masters is not enough to attract and maintain a consistent traffic of paying customers. Search engine optimisation, SEO-content has become a necessity in the dental health sector.

With this digital age, customers prefer searching for the best dental services online to perusing the yellow pages. SEO enables dental patients to find you online as long as your site is ranked top.

Below are eight reasons why your dental surgery needs SEO;

  1. Increase in express leads to your business

Unlike AdWords, SEO is for the content-searching customer. A large number of people searching for dental services are usually in need of a specific solution. Therefore, you can expect patients to make instant calls for enquiries and appointments.

By use of special analytic tools, SEO content ensures that the keywords used are strictly relevant to your business location, practise and services for maximum traffic.

  1. You get to offer your patients 24/7 services

Through Search Engines Optimisation, potential patients can get information about your dental surgery even after office hours. If your dental clinic is open twenty-four hours a day, you will still get a flow of patients at night.

This will bring you more customers by the end of it all if you compare it to a dental clinic that lacks strong online presence.

  1. SEO gives a ‘reliable’ status

Most people searching for dental services want one in their local area. Therefore, your rank on the local search engines could directly affect your practice’s image to potential customers.

Usually, people feel a sense of trust for the top sites. Search engine optimisation gives your dental surgery credibility status that automatically translates to more traffic thus more patients.

  1. Over 60% of all clicks go to the top ranked sites

Sadly, this means that unless your site is ranked high, there are less than 40% chances of getting a click. The only way of ensuring that many patients calling your dental clinic are by investing in time and funds to get organic traffic flowing to your site through Search engine optimisation.

Since SEO directly affects social media followers, applying it on your site will reflect on your social media platforms. Thus giving you exposure to other potential patients.

  1. It is an economical way of e-marketing

SEO is a cost effective way of marketing because it is aimed at specific online users who are highly interested in your practice and services. SEO is low cost in comparison to Pay Per Click( PPC), AdWords and advertisements

You don’t always have to let go off some dollars to pay for clicks. Online analytics have confirmed that most web users skip ads and have installed Adblock in their browser. Investing in SEO ensures that visitors to your dental business are people in actual need of your services.

  1. Generally, elevates your dental business

Sites that are ranked top receive thousands of visitors every day. SEO can help you extend your business through organic traffic that translates to paying customers. Also, the more visitors you have, the more insight and feedback you get.

SEO could be the one thing standing between you and so many of your potential patients. With over 200 million websites today, SEO guarantees that you make a name for yourself in the dental health sector of your region and that your business stands out from the rest.

  1. Your most aggressive competition are probably utilising SEO

Search engine optimisation is quickly gaining popularity. More dental practitioners are adapting the digital method of marketing every day once they realise that the advantages of SEO are exceptionally high.

If your competitors are ranked top on google ranks, users will see them before finding you. They will end up getting clicks and appointment calls from all those dental patients who need services that you offer but do not get your site as a top suggestion. Finding a better SEO company or staff will rank your dental surgery higher than your competitors.

  1. SEO ensures lasting results

Unlike ad spaces and PPC, your traffic is unlikely to change even if you unexpectedly stop paying for SEO. Quality SEO takes some time to wear off. However, you obviously need some funds to maintain the top rank.

Furthermore, your dental business will have achieved lasting credibility and increased, loyal patients who will still search for your specifics even if you fall off the number one rank!

The reasons for using search engine optimisation for your dental surgery might be many but getting a good SEO company is important for them to work for you in the dental well-being sector.

If you are looking to get in touch with a team who knows dental SEO be sure to contact Prosperity Media today!

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James Norquay

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