Surprisingly, there are still a great significant number of big sites not using HTTPS sitewide. Why? We don’t know the reason, but soon they will face more consequences and potential traffic loss.

What are we talking about? HTTPS encrypts information sent between the visitor and the web server. You simply implement an SSL certificate that can cost anything up to $200 for a wildcard SSL certificate and your site is secure. The development cost of implementing HTTPS could be more depending on how complex your site is.

Google has been enthusiastically encouraging website owners to implement SSL certificates for some time now. In 2014, they stated that HTTPS sitewide is an SEO ranking signal.

Starting from October, there will be a new warning implemented by chrome. Websites with any kind of text input will require an SSL certificate if they want to avoid a NOT SECURE” warning in the address bar. If you don’t have HTTPS, get the development team working on it NOW!!

So, what Significant Australian brands are not running HTTPS sitewide? Here they are…

The Australian Securities Exchange is, of course, the primary securities exchange in the country. A big publicly owned company with a market cap of over $1.6 trillion and their site is not considered secure?

The Sydney Morning Herald is one of the country’s top news publisher’s, and their website gets a crazy number of monthly visitors. While there is little text input on the site, it’s hard to believe they don’t run HTTPS sitewide. is similar to The Sydney Morning Herald. However, their title tag claims they are “Australia’s #1 news site”, but still not HTTPS.

Optus is a big brand in Australia and the first of a few telecommunications companies on this list. Many people are frequently paying bills and leaving other personal information in the hands of Optus. For a company that can shell out tens of millions a year for the English Premier League rights, you think they could spend a little on an SSL certificate.

Drive has to be the premier car focused website in Australia. Not only are they publishing content, you can buy and sell cars on the site.

The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, it’s a government site and in first place for the search term weather. may not be as influential and the bom site, still, that’s no excuse.

One of Australia’s oldest and most reliable news publications (or not). Their recent rise to popularity has seen them gain huge amounts of traffic from social media. Maybe they are too old-fashioned to implement HTTPS?

Ticketek is a no-brainer. People are entering sensitive information to purchase tickets every single day.

A solid trend forming is forming for news websites, still no HTTPS.

The official website for the NRL does not run HTTPS. Nor does the 16 other websites for each of the teams within the NRL.

Another major sporting code in Australia that isn’t running HTTPS on their official website.

Again, we have a site that gets enough traffic to not care about quick and easy SEO wins.

Again, one of the biggest brands in the country and they let their customers use a site that is not considered secure by Google.

GraysOnline is the biggest industrial and commercial online auction business in Australasia. Combined with Greyswine, they 44+ million annual visitors and do over $600 million in sales.

Originally a magazine, Vogue now publishes a lot online. is not running HTTPS; however, their .com counterpart is.

How there can be government sites that don’t have HTTPS is strange, especially one that promotes health and doing the right thing.

If you’re targeting the Australian market, it’s best to have a domain. The ABC is already behind so they need to do themselves a favour and implement HTTPS.

Not the official Cricket Australia website and not as big as the NRL and AFL official websites but still a popular site for cricket fans.

Kids Spot is owned by News Corp Australia and is one of the more popular sites for anything birth, baby or parenting related.

Now if you are looking for help moving to HTTPS it may be time to chat with your development team, we can also assist from a technical SEO consulting front. Also, plenty of great guides exist online. Why wait, start talking to your dev team today and get a plan in place to go sitewide HTTPS.